Urban Gardening – Edens of the City

urban gardening

Urban Gardening is the concept of bringing nature into the densely populated towns and cities that many people live in. Whether it’s a small apartment window, a roof, a balcony, or an expanse of tarmac, it can transform any area into a full flourishing Eden. Strange Idea? To many, the concept of … Read more

Our Vertical Hydroponic Growing Setup

When we built our hydroponic growing setup, we designed it with one main thing in mind – space, or rather the lack of it. Of all the Hydroponic Setups we had seen and researched on YouTube and the web, pretty much all of them seemed to have been built using a large … Read more

Why Have I Got Spindly Seedlings?

Winter is approaching and growing winter greens are our favorite time of the year. We have butter-crunch lettuce seeds, Tatsoi, Kale and baby spinach seeds we’ve planted this year. It’s been roughly 2-3 weeks now and we have many seedlings up. The weather we have experienced has been over-cast, and wet weather … Read more

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