How Do You Keep Rabbits Out of Your Container Food Garden?

How Do You Keep Rabbits Out of Your Container Food Garden

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy having a container food garden. Not only is it a practical way to get fresh produce, but it’s also a fun way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. However, one of the biggest challenges of keeping a container food garden is keeping rabbits out … Read more

Do It Yourself Pest Control

Do it yourself pest control can be far better for your garden and your bank balance than buying Shop-brought pesticides. Get answers to your questions by checking out pest control richmond. We’ve all heard about the hospital superbugs which are antibiotic-resistant, but not many people know that the bugs which attack your … Read more

Gardening Pest Control

For many of us, home gardening is an integral part of living the dream. The freedom that comes with the ownership and the knowledge that you are growing your own crops is just unbeatable. But pests and diseases can make the realization of your dream a horrible nightmare. Pest infestation and diseases … Read more

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural very soft rock composed of ancient tiny fossilized shells from prehistoric seas, and looks like a crumbly talcum powder. It can be extremely useful in your garden as it is natural and non toxic to the extent that it is used as a grain additive. There are … Read more

Spider Pest Control in the Garden

Most home gardeners will not consider spiders as a common threat after all apart from the deadlier species most seem to be practically harmless. Only spiders ‘mites’ can be fatally damaging to your plants, and the spiders that you see every day shouldn’t do much harm, in fact, they can sometimes help … Read more

Organic Pest Control: The Safe Alternative to Harmful Chemicals

Organic pest control is the answer to getting rid of pests without having to use dangerous and harmful pesticides… There can be a lot of ways to control pests nowadays but such methods normally involve the use of different chemicals that can definitely harm the environment. More and more people are now … Read more

Effective Garden Pest Control

If you don’t have an effective garden pest control strategy for your garden, it could be vulnerable to all kinds of critter attacks. There is no way to completely turn insects away from your garden, they have evolved over thousands of years living in this type of habitat, but not all insects … Read more

Dealing With Garden Slugs Without The Chemicals

It’s only early May, and already the garden slugs and snails are starting to become problematic. We’ve always been prone to slugs, mainly due to the warm(ish) damp climate we get here. In the past, we’ve used pellets to deal with slugs and snails, but this year we’re trying to grow things … Read more

Garden Pests – Keep Your Guard Up!

The subject of garden pests is extensive and the information available could easily fill a large and comprehensive website. Obviously as this is a gardening website, I want to include at least some information on the more common pest issues. I decided the best way to start off this page was to … Read more

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