Canopy Bed Decorating Ideas

Canopy beds bring that cozy, romantic and elegant vibe that other types of beds cannot achieve. A good night’s sleep is ensured in a comfortable canopy bed, at the same time, making you feel like a princess. The cascading swaths of fabric from above the bed make a romantic and luxurious statement. Plus, it gives endless possibilities for decorating.

But, even if you don’t have a canopy bed, you can still achieve its luxurious effect! Here are some ideas that might inspire you to start sleeping like royalty in your own bedroom:

Drape a couple of tablecloths

Canopy beds and curtains can be expensive, so you can use a couple of tablecloths instead. By choosing a sheer, one-color tablecloth and curtain rods, you can achieve an easy-to-do yet elegant look for your bedroom.


  1. Get two 60” x 120” tablecloths. Then, get a wide ribbon and cut it into four-inch strips.
  2. Hot-glue the strips vertically to the topmost portion of the back of the tablecloths on the 60” side. The ribbon strips will serve as the “rod pockets” where the curtain rod will be inserted.
  3. On the ceiling parallel to the bed, measure around 3 feet from the edge and attach two chandelier swag hooks there. Make sure your swag hooks are attached at a distance same as the width of the bed.
  4. Attach another curtain rod on the topmost part of the wall on top of the bed.
  5. Now, using the glued ribbon strips, put on the two tablecloths to the curtain rod. Insert the curtain rod to the swag hooks on the ceiling
  6. Insert the draping tablecloth behind the curtain rod on the wall.
  7. Pull the gathered fabric down to create fabric swag. And now, you have your own tablecloth canopy!

Use a sheer cloth and copper pipes

If you don’t have curtain rods, you may use some copper pipes instead. Add some dreamy elegant effect to your bedroom by draping a sheer cloth on each corner. Plus, the copper hardware is so chic – better pair it with copper accents on your nightstand.


  1. Get eight 18” x 3/4” wooden dowels, twelve 1″ copper U-shape brackets, eight 3/4″ copper caps, four 3/4″ copper elbows, four 3/4″ copper pressure tees and eight sheer drapes that are long enough to reach the floor.
  2. Using Gorilla glue, attach a copper cap to every end of the 18” wooden dowels. Glue the uncapped end to the larger end of the copper elbow.
  3. Glue a pressure tee to each small end of the copper elbow. Glue another dowel to the open end of the pressure tee.
  4. Repeat the last two steps to make 4 L-shaped corners for the canopy. Let it dry completely.
  5. Insert a curtain panel to each side of the L-shaped corners.
  6. Position the L-shaped pieces on the ceiling and mark it with a pencil. Make sure the L-shaped corners are placed in a manner that the draperies would surround the bed.
  7. Then, attach one corner to the ceiling by using three U-shaped brackets and screws – one must be placed at the corner of the copper elbow, and the other two on each end of the dowel near the copper caps. Repeat this step for every L-shaped corners.

Create a “tent” bed

Let your kids’ imagination wander by turning their rooms into a campground. Create a “tent” on top of their bed using a canvas cloth. Then, have the walls painted with outdoor scenery to achieve the ultimate camper effect. With a bed like this, you will have no problem calling your kids for bedtime.


  1. Gather three wooden dowels (with the length of around 1 inch longer than the width of the bed), three flag pole mounts, 9’ x 12’ canvas drop cloth, thin rope and 12 drywall mounts.
  2. Position the bed next to a wall. Decide on how much headroom you need for the tent. One tip: Have your little kid stand on his/her bed and mark the height on the wall. This is where the middle pole will be positioned. Mark the wall on either sides of the bed in a manner that will form a triangle. The two marks on the sides is where the other two poles will be mounted.
  3. Prepare the flag pole mount. Unscrew the side mounting screw and move it to an angled position, so the tent would prop up better, making it more open. Remove the rod holding screw first.
  4. Insert the dowel inside the flag pole mount. Hold it in place and see where it needs to be drilled, so the rod holding screw can be inserted. Mark it, remove the dowel, then drill.
  5. Place the dowel back in the flag pole mount, then insert the screw through the screw holes and the dowel. If it’s loose, insert some cardboard pieces to make it fit tightly.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 twice so you’ll have three of them. These poles will form the triangular backbone of the tent.
  7. Lay the canvas flat and find the middle. Mark it with a pencil. Hot glue one end of the middle of the canvas to the end of the middle dowel. You will need a helper here.
  8. Pull the canvas over the dowel and pole bracket. The canvas must drape for around 10” to 13” in front, and the rest will drape at the back of the bracket.
  9. Attach the bracket to the wall, keeping the canvass sandwiched between them. Repeat it with the other two sides.
  10. Pull the canvas tightly over the two side dowels so it doesn’t drape. Wrap and tuck any loose canvas to the two dowels.
  11. Screw the canvas to the outside part of the ends of the dowels.
  12. Gather the canvas to give it the tent look and make it more welcoming. Cut a hole on the top seam near one side dowel and on a draped down part. Then thread a piece of rope through each hole and tie it twice. Repeat this stem for the other side dowel.

Use a large embroidery hoop

This trick will surely make you feel like a princess. It will also help you hide from your roommate if you’re living in a dorm.


  1. Get two sheer rod pocket curtain panels, a 24” diameter embroidery hoop, decorative trim that can fit in the lengths of both curtains, fishing line, and your sewing machine.
  2. Sew the decorative trim to one edge of a curtain panel. Repeat it with the other panel.
  3. Remove all the hardware from your embroidery hoop. Keep the inside hoop (you won’t need it for this project).
  4. Insert the curtain panels into the hoop, right side facing out, in a manner that the two decorated edges meet on center.
  5. Close the hoop using the hardware.
  6. Use the fishing line like a thread and stick it right through the curtain fabric. Do it three times, with the lines spaced equally from each other. Then, join the three pieces of line and knot it in the middle of the hoop.
  7. Attach a hook to the ceiling then hang your created canopy using the fishing line.

Thumb-tack it all the way

Don’t have time (or skill) for drilling, sawing, gluing or sewing? You don’t need to be handy to create your own canopy – just thumb-tack it on your ceiling! For a quick fix to achieve your dreams of having a canopy bed, try making this simple yet dreamy canopy.


  1. Gather thin wooden dowels (one with the length equivalent to the width of the bed, and two 1.5’ long), four sheer rod pocket curtain panels, and thumbtacks, of course.
  2. Insert the dowels through the curtain panels. On the long dowel, insert two curtains, and insert one panel on each 1.5’ dowels.
  3. Attach the curtain and dowel to the ceiling using thumbtacks. Place it in a way that will form a big rectangle at the head of the bed. The side curtains will be more gathered since you used a shorter dowel.
  4. Let the front curtains drape on either side of the bed.

Use a sturdy branch

Adding a natural element can help you achieve that shabby chic or farmhouse look for a bedroom. It can be used in a kid’s bedroom or your own. By the way, this simple canopy only serves a single bed.


  1. Prepare a salvaged branch, a simple curtain, two chains and a couple of hooks. The branch must be visibly longer than the width of the bed, so you can showcase the wood. Sand it to make it smooth and friendly to the curtain.
  2. Insert the curtain into the branch. You may use a rod pocket curtain if it can fit into the branch, but tab top and tie top curtains will be nicer, especially if the branch is as straight as you may have hoped. Gather the curtain into the center of the branch.
  3. Attach one end of the chain around the tip of the branch using an eye bolt. Do the same on the other side of the branch.
  4. Place hooks on the ceiling where you will hang the chains. From the edge of the ceiling on top of the bed, measure two feet and attach the hooks there. The hooks should be spaced according to the width of the bed.
  5. Let the curtains drape to the back of the headboard and to the sides of the bed.
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