Cannabis Seeds and the Benefits of Cooking With Them

Cannabis has been cultivated for thousands of years across the globe, starting in Asia records suggest about 500bc culture first started to grow cannabis and use it for religious ceremonies or herbal medicine. It was not really used to get people high and was held in high regard for medicinal purposes  When the uses were appreciated, hemp was used for textiles and rope products used for farming and navel applications. Durable and strong the original colonists of the United States grew and used hemp to help them settle their new land. It was only later that growing and producing marijuana plants became illegal, now though many countries are reversing those laws and are allowing the growing and sale of cannabis.

Besides the well-documented sides of cannabis, many people still do not understand the health benefits of consuming cannabis seeds, packed with nutrients and fiber they don’t have the same THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol as found in the rest of the plant which is what gives people who enjoy the high from marijuana pleasure. Buying marijuana seeds is not illegal in many countries and buying online is fine also. The following article aims to give you some cooking advice on a subject that many still see as taboo but is being embraced once more all over the world.

Some Surprising Ideas for Cooking With Cannabis Seeds

As well as offering a potential new healthy ingredient that you may not have considered before cannabis seeds are also very tasty and have many uses in food. Here are some ideas that you can try for cooking with cannabis seeds:

  • Cannabis seeds are gluten-free: Bread, pizzas, pancakes, and tasty cookies can all be made gluten-free and taste delicious. Making the dough can be a little tricky to start with but after a few attempts, the process becomes easy enough.
  • Cannabis seed milk: Becoming very popular with people who are lactose intolerant and for people who prefer not to drink regular cow’s milk such as vegans. It is a healthy alternative that is also very low in fat content just like soy milk.
  • Cooking oil: Whilst cannabis seed oil is not ideal for frying due to the low temperature it starts to smoke at it is perfect for use as a dressing on salads the same as olive oil.

Cannabis seeds have many uses in the kitchen and are often overlooked due to people’s concerns about the word cannabis but they are delicious and completely safe to consume and should be embraced more.

The Health Benefits of Cannabis Seeds

It is a widely held belief by many people that cannabis seeds are one of the superfoods such as kale. Being rich in proteins and omega oils they also have none of the psychoactive properties of the cannabis that is usually smoked ingested to get people “High”. Some of the main benefits of cannabis/hemp seeds include:

  • The levels of unsaturated fat are extremely low and particularly the Omega 3 oils are now recognized to have health benefits. Hemp seeds in a diet offer essential oils that the body can not produce on its own, hemp seeds also produce no trans fats.
  • Hemp seeds are rich in minerals and vitamins including magnesium, vitamin E, potassium, and phosphorus. They also contain high levels of iron, B vitamins, and zinc all of which are important to our health.
  • The protein that cannabis/hemp seeds deliver is a great choice for vegans and vegetarians producing nearly 10 grams of protein for every 3 tablespoons of seed. Providing all 9 amino acids that only soybeans can match.
  • By using the seeds in daily cooking they can help to boost the immune system, improving your risks of heart disease, and helping with the lowering of blood pressure.
  • There are also proven dermatological benefits of using the seeds in cooking and enjoying the use of the Omega 3 oils in particular help to alleviate and prevent acne especially in adolescence due to an often poor diet.

There are many ways that cooking healthy meals with cannabis can help to improve your health and being able to enjoy incorporating them into your meals is safe for you and your loved ones.

The legal Aspects of Using Cannabis Seeds

The use of cannabis seeds for cooking can be a grey area in some counties with many still viewing them as illegal but in the United States, the use of hemp seeds is encouraged for textiles, agriculture, human food products, and animal food. The 2018 Farm Bill approved by the federal government allows for the use of nearly zero THC seeds to be grown domestically. Previously only medical and universities were allowed to grow cannabis seeds for research.

Europe has a similar stance and all but Germany which still has zero-tolerance when it comes to hemp and marijuana seeds. There is still heated debate about allowing companies to grow cannabis for research but health food stores across the world are able to sell this nutritious and often misunderstood seed. Even in Holland which has famously lenient laws on cannabis the possession of seeds is not illegal but cultivating them without a license is considered an offense.


With so many uses that cannabis seeds offer in terms of cooking with the obvious health benefits, the production of hemp items, and its durable nature, the incredibly quick time it takes to grow it is not a surprise that people and governments are looking back in time and understanding the importance of these incredible plants to help with the future. Cannabis seeds require much less water consumption to grow and develop and with an ever-increasing world that requires more and more food and products that can be made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way it is not surprising that we are embracing cannabis plants.

Cannabis seeds that are consumed in the home cooking pose no danger that is associated with what we have heard or seen on TV, perfectly safe and suitable for everybody they offer health benefits and are cheap to buy, it is worth doing some research and finding one of the many delicious recipes that you can enjoy.

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