7 Best Types of Wine to Pair With Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. If you’ve ever planned the feast before, you’re well aware that more goes into it than the main Turkey course. You need to consider the appetizers, side dishes, dessert, and last but not least, the wine. While the food often takes center stage, the perfect Thanksgiving wine pairings can elevate the taste of the dishes and make certain flavors stand out. 

However, with so much to think about, it’s difficult to take the time to decide which wines will pair perfectly with each of your courses. To ease a bit of the pre-holiday stress, we have put together a list of the best wines to pair with your meal. While you’re busy setting the table, cooking, and adding the final touch to your dishes, you can use wine delivery to have your favorite options brought right to your doorstep. From the first course to your famous pie recipe, we have a wine suggestion that will take your holiday festivities to the next level! 


Start the dinner party on a positive note with a celebratory glass of Champagne.  Delicate bubbles, fruity tones, and a crisp taste will set the mood for the great food that’s to come. Whether you’re enjoying the holiday with friends or family, a chilled glass of Champagne is the perfect way to celebrate being together. Make the evening even more special by raising a glass of bubbly to togetherness. There’s no better way to set the tone for the evening and to get the party started!

Sauvignon Blanc

For the pre-dinner hors d’oeuvre, an aromatic Sauvignon Blanc is a great option. Its herby flavors pair well with a diverse assortment of appetizers. If you plan to serve a charcuterie board, shrimp cocktail, or an indulging baked Brie topped with cranberries, Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect pairing. The refreshing white wine also goes great with the lighter vegetable side dishes during the main meal!


Although many people consider rosé to be a summer drink, it is a crowd-pleaser that can be enjoyed all year long. Its floral finishes and citrusy flavors make it a great pairing for the vegetables and lighter side dishes on the table. It also has a unique, pink color that makes it a great gift for the host. You can find beautiful bottles through wine delivery that make the wine look as great as it tastes. If you’re attending a Friendsgiving dinner this year – rosé is a must! 

Pinot Noir 

Pinot Noir is arguably the most popular wine to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. The smooth, rich flavor pairs perfectly with Turkey. Underlying notes of cherry and its bright acidity will bring out the juicy flavors of each bite. Not to mention, it goes great with many of the side dishes, such as green bean casserole.  Since it’s light to medium-bodied, it won’t leave you feeling heavy and tired. There are also countless labels available, so it’s good to order a few bottles with wine delivery to find your personal favorite before serving it to your guests!


While the Thanksgiving turkey is typically the star of the show, it’s nothing without the sweet and savory side dishes. Sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and cornbread are not always easy to pair with wine because of their sweet-savory duality. However, a bright glass of Riesling has sweet notes that will compliment the contrasting flavor palate. Although the flavors of these sides are already spot on, a nice Riesling will elevate the palate and upgrade the taste.


If you want to impress your guests with something a bit different, a good Lambrusco wine is the way to go. The delicate sparkling red has subtle, sweet aromas that pair well with heavy dishes. Since it’s often a lighter-bodied wine, it won’t overpower the flavors of the great Thanksgiving meal. It’s a less-known wine, so it’s great to familiarize yourself with what’s available by looking at an online wine delivery service. In addition, while the chilled red wine is great for the dinner itself, it is also a great option to pair with fruity dessert pies.


We can never forget about dessert! Port wine is a fruity, nutty wine that pairs perfectly with your dessert course. The warm toasty flavors complement and balance the spices of Thanksgiving desserts, especially pumpkin pie! Served chilled, it’s the perfect finale to leave everyone at the table refreshed and satisfied. 

Ready to enjoy these perfect pairings?

Now that you have a guide to all of the wines that pair perfectly with Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to choose your favorites! As you busily prepare for the meal, you can take advantage of wine delivery options to conveniently check wine off your to-do list. It’s also great if you need to add another bottle for any last-minute guests. 

No matter which wines you choose, when you add great pairings to the table, your guests will be grateful and excited for each course. Now all that’s left to do is finish preparing for the best Thanksgiving yet!

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