7 Best Tips For Buying & Selling Your Home With Japanese Knotweed

A house with knotweed can seem like a troubling prospect, however it doesn’t mean you can’t buy or sell one. We discussed the matter with Environet and wrote the article below.

1. Get To Know The True Nature Of The Problem

If you are really concerned about Japanese knotweed, you should get a professional survey to know the extent of the issue. In fact, a company like Japanese Knotweed Specialists can help identify the problem as per the guidelines set out by the RICS and implement an effective plan to solve the issue. In case you are not sure if your property has Japanese knotweed, and you are not ready to book a survey with a professional, photograph the plant and email it to us for a no-obligation confirmation.

2. Understand Who Is Responsible And Cooperation With Your Neighbors If They Are Involved

If you plan to invest in a property with Japanese knotweed, you should understand that it is your responsibility now and try to keep on top of it. For example, if the plant spreads to neighboring lands, it might create bigger problems for both parties involved. On the other hand, if the plant originates from your neighbor’s garden, you should communicate with them to solve the problem amicably.

3. Are You Aware Of The Extent Of Damage That Japanese Knotweed Could Cause?

Japanese knotweed can potentially decrease the value of your property or make it unsellable in the process. That is why you need to keep a close eye on the matter. The damage may be unseen but extensive with underground roots growing several meters into the foundation and drain system. A professional survey is the best way to know the true extent of damage to your property.

4. Talk To Your Mortgage Lender About The Knotweed Problem

You should know about any knotweed problem in your garden when you plan to sell the property. Pretending you don’t know about such a problem isn’t advisable. It is unethical to not inform the new owners about the problem. You could even get into a legal battle if the new owner discovers the problem later on. As a buyer, you should safeguard the property against any damage even if Japanese knotweed isn’t invading your boundary as yet. Understand the mortgage lenders’ requirements and work with a professional Japanese knotweed removal company in the area to help solve the problem.

5. Be Vigilant And Keep On Top Of What Is Happening At Every Stage

Employing the service of a reliable Japanese knotweed removal company is the best way to completely remove the headache. The right service provider will be responsible for controlling and managing the Japanese knotweed problem and make you free to focus on the more important aspects of buying or selling a house.

6. Choose A Reliable Japanese Knotweed Removal Company

There are many companies that could help you deal with your Japanese knotweed problem. You should choose the best company that meets your specific needs. “Japanese Knotweed Specialists” is your trusted partner in this regard. We are:

  • Members of the Invasive Weed Control Group (IWG) and Property Care Association (PCA)
  • Your trusted residential and commercial Japanese knotweed removal service in the area
  • Offering highly competitive prices
  • Using expert contractors in your locality to provide work for local people
  • Serving all customers across England and Wales
  • Providing a live reporting and scheduling system to keep you in the loop
  • Offering 5-10 years RICS and PCA approved guarantees that are accepted by all mortgage lenders
  • Using the latest technologies and make sure that Japanese knotweed is removed completely

7. Act Now

Japanese knotweed is fast-growing and quite invasive. Deal with it sooner than later to reduce the risk of long-term damage to your property.

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