Why are cellular shades a good choice for your Florida home?

Window treatments are an important consideration for homeowners, but did you know there is one window covering that scores over others, offering a lot more than pleasant aesthetics? They are cellular shades – that will add everything to your room from visual treat to practicality. Here are some benefits of choosing the cellular shades for your homes.

Suited for every décor – they have a contemporary appeal

Home design trends come and go! They change every year. Some stay while some get outdated. But not the case with cellular shades! Their texture and shape keep looking fresh year after year. This makes them a perfect choice for every home, whether you live in a modern chic home, country farmhouse, or colonial townhome.

Unique energy-efficient construction

Their unique design makes them different from others. If you look at them closely, they’re a stack of cells in a honeycomb shape. These cells create air pockets between inner and outer panels. These pockets act as excellent insulators keeping your homes warm in winters and cool in summers. They work all seasons throughout the year without a break and give your rooms the right temperature it deserves.

They come in different cell sizes and types. You could choose from singular, double, or triple cellular shades. As the name goes, a single layer will have one layer of air pocket, and a double cell has two layers of air pockets side by side. More layers of air pockets mean more insulation and better guard against extreme temperatures, saving you substantial energy bills.

Excellent light control

One feature that makes cellular shades unique is that you can adjust the light filtration to the level you desire for every room. Customization further betters this. You can choose from top-down or bottom-up designs. These options help you place your shade exactly where you want, blocking the direct light coming in without compromising on the sunlight.

Privacy perfect – Picture Perfect!

Suppose your neighbors can peep in without much effort; with cellular shades, you’ll never face this issue. It doesn’t matter which shade you decide on, single cell or double cell cellular shades – you’ll never have to worry about getting exposed to neighbors.

In homes with lots of street traffic or crowded neighborhood, top-down/bottom-up cellular shades are a perfect selection. So, from great looks to many practical uses, cellular shades win on all levels for you. They are evergreen and functional window covering.