Which louver sizes for plantation shutters are the best for windows?

Installing high-quality window coverings is seen as a valuable addition to homes. However, deciding on the perfect louver size can sometimes be confusing. Louvers are a set of slats in a horizontal manner fixed or movable in intervals for shutters. They are available in different sizes – 2 ½”, 3 ½”, or 4 ½” louvers. So let us start by asking a basic but important question – Why does the louver size matter?

The louver size matters – it directly affects the level of privacy, your view of the outside, and the amount of light coming in through the window. Moreover, the louver size also affects the overall look of the shutter and the room.

When to pick 2 ½” louver size?

  • If you like the traditional look of how the shutters used to be for small windows

When to pick 3 ½” louver size?

  • If you want to go with the popular choice of homeowners

This size fits all windows and is a popular choice for homes as they offer a clean open look.

  • If you are looking for larger panels

For larger window openings, 3 ½” and 4 ½” louvers fit perfectly. So you can enjoy a wider unobstructed outside view. So you can enjoy an unobstructed outside view.

When to pick 4 ½“ louver size?

  • Enjoy a less obstructed outside view

As mentioned above, wider slats offer the best unobstructed view. For medium to large windows in your homes, consider choosing a 3 ½” or 4 ½” louver.

  • Allow more natural light to come in

As you enjoy a wider view with a 4 ½” louver, you will also get maximum light coming in and brighten up your space.