What Causes Home Selling Failures?

The current housing market appears to be rebounding, with more and more buyers jumping into the market. In general, people are optimistic about the real estate market. Unfortunately, this optimism is not shared by all. I would say that a large percentage of home selling failures are due to unrealistic expectations, a lack of knowledge regarding the listing process, and taking on too much risk in purchasing a fixer-upper.

When you hear a home-selling horror story, you might think the world is against you. But many things can cause home selling failures. State PM team explains, there are three main categories of these problems – 1) external factors, 2) buyer’s situation, and 3) sellers’ situation.

There are just so many considerations where you need to be on top of your game. Just think about all the things that need to be done to get your house ready for showings and, ultimately, a sale. What is it that causes home selling failures in the first place?

They sell on their own

I can tell you that it is definitely not wrong to sell your home on your own. In fact, most homeowners do just that, listed directly with a listing site like Zillow and Realtor.com. But many homeowners don’t have the tools or knowledge to contact potential buyers about them for sale by owner property, resulting in a lack of interest that can take months to generate even one offer. An open house or two can often generate inquiries from serious buyers much faster than spending countless hours trying to communicate with buyers on a website. That’s why we recommend all owners get an agent if the owner wishes to receive a reasonable price for their home and save time.

Not just any professional, though. Choose a real estate agent who knows what a valued customer being is all about right from the beginning. Someone who assures you that he will not make you compromise on your standards when it comes to serving your best interests in home selling. And if you are skeptical, then this might just be enough to convince you that the best real estate buyer’s agent is the professional you need for your home selling venture.

Desperation is a killer of the deal

Now, this may seem counter-intuitive to why a seller should pay a higher commission to a real estate agent, but the reality is that the customer perceives value when they are paying something for something. The emotional reason drives their decision to purchase or buy an item. Behind this is always some sort of financial benefit that the customer sees.

It is not also helpful if the sellers are not upfront with the potential buyers on the condition of the house. This may cause an impression that the sellers are trying to hide something or just trying to attract any buyer, but they intend to close a deal.

Insufficient ads

In this day and age, everyone is a seller. Whether your house is for sale because you are upgrading your home, down-sizing, or have recently moved, having a well-put-together advertisement for your home can greatly benefit you when you decide to sell. A strategic ad is sure to attract a great deal of buyers who might be interested in your home. Also, we have discussed numerous times the importance of photos in an advertisement; thus, it is even more important to make sure that your house stands out from the rest with great pictures included in the advertisement.