How do you care for succulents in Australia?

Succulents are favorite houseplants in Australia due to their attractive looks and minimum maintenance. If the succulents are potted appropriately, then taking care is very easy. This species is very adaptable and can thrive in indoor conditions.

Over-watering and associated infections are the main cause of their death. Australian people choose succulents as houseplants as they are beautiful and easily propagate.

The caring process of succulents depends on which part you live in the Oceania continent. The continent has a diverse climate, but succulents can manage to survive in any climate. Here is some guidance about how you can take care of your succulents in Australia.


Succulents do not need any care in an arid climate. But in the warm and humid climate of sub-tropics, you need to use some tricks to comfort your succulents. The succulents should be positioned in a garden bed placed in a warm and protected place facing west.

Rain and humidity cause them to rot. The bed has to be made of gravel on which the succulents can rest. The gravel will control the drainage, thus keeping the roots dry.


You should use that kind of soil which can ensure an adequate quantity of drainage and aeration. Succulents do not grow well if their roots are sunk in water. So an appropriate soil mix is necessary.

But you also have to give special attention to the soil during the winter season. If you cannot find a proper pot mix native to Australia, add organic agents that can allow oxygen to penetrate through the soil.


Watering plays an important role in the health of succulents. Over-watering and under-watering both are harmful to these kinds of species. You should water your succulent plants every month during winter and every week during summer.

When you see the soil dried up and the plants wrinkled up, then it’s time to water them well. But you should also give the soil enough time to dry between two watering sessions.


Succulents feel happy to have plenty of sunlight. You do not have to worry about them because they do not have the risk of getting their leaves burned like others. Succulents like extra light during the winter season.

You can understand that your plants are absorbing enough sunlight through some indications like widely spaced leaves and elongated stems. If you want your succulents as colorful as possible, then provide them with ample sunlight.


Cold temperate and Alpine regions are places where frost climate prevails. During such a cold climate, your succulents may feel distressed if it has frost on leaf tips. It indicates symptoms of frost burns.

You should not peel off the leaf tip in such conditions, which is still a part of the succulent. You should wrap it in a frost cloth or bed-sheet to keep it warm. You can also take the succulents indoors and place them beside the sunniest windows.

Re-potting and cutting

It is the basic maintenance of the plants. If your succulents outgrow themselves, then it’s time to cut the extra leaves and put them in a proper shape. When succulents overgrow, the pots in which they exist seem to lose their balance.

So, the plants need some grooming at regular intervals of time. You should cut the extra-long stems from their main stem if they cause an imbalance of the plants.


Reaching the end of this content, we can say that we have learned a lot about taking proper care of succulent plants. These household plants increase the beauty of households. So, to maintain their beauty, the above-mentioned requirements must be kept in mind and follow the guidance accordingly.