Tips for Hiring Man with A Van Services

Moving things from one house to another can be difficult, especially if you have plenty of items to move to your new house. If you have a car, you can do your best to go back and forth to pick up and drop off items little by little, but that would take a lot of time and effort to do. So, the best way for you to move a lot of items to another is by hiring a man with a van, otherwise known as a man and van service.

A man with a van is usually hired to move items from point A to B, but the difference between this and a comprehensive removals service is that the former is much cheaper to hire. In the man and van service, you would have to help the “man” or “men” to place the items inside the van. While the act of helping the movers may be inconvenient for some, it is still a great alternative to the more expensive comprehensive removals service since it will save you money that you can use for other aspects of your home moving.

Unfortunately, not all men with a van have the same quality of service, as there will be some that are better than the others. To help you pick the best ones to hire, here are some useful tips for hiring a man and van service.

Do Some Research

Moving Service

The most important step that you should do to find the best man and van service in your area is to do a little bit of research. This research includes using Google to find man with a van services near you that have good reviews and also reading forum posts and opinions about specific companies that offer the said service.

In addition, you may want to check out the official website of man and van services or man with a van within Enfield and other areas, as those will contain all the information you will need before you decide to hire them, such as their pricing, features, contact information, and business history. Doing some research may take time and effort, but it would be needed so that you won’t accidentally hire a subpar service to move your items.

Ask for Recommendations from Loved Ones

If you do not have time to search the internet and do some research, then you may want to ask your loved ones if they know any man and van services that they can recommend to you. The best reviews about a man with van company are the ones from your relatives or friends, as you will have a first-hand account of what the company does best or what it needs to improve upon.

If there is any loved one that has recently moved to a new home, you can ask them first if they have hired a man and van service and if they had a good experience with that company. By getting recommendations, it will save you time to pick the best service online since you can just easily hire the company that serviced your friends or family members.

Look for the Company’s Accreditation

In order to truly know if a man and van service provides top quality service, you would need to check if they are accredited by different authorities in the UK, and this accreditation is a sign that they have a legitimate operation that is safe and insured.

Most of the man with a van services in the UK are not accredited, hence the reason why they offer cheap service. However, there are a few that have accreditation, and you can find their certificates through their website or by simply going to their headquarters. Be sure to hire an accredited man and van service so that your items will be safe while transporting and also insured if ever some of them are lost.

Compare Prices and Features


This tip is connected to doing research, as you will easily be able to compare prices and features of multiple man with a van services by searching online. You can create a Microsoft Excel sheet or Google Sheet so you will have an easier time enumerating and reviewing the prices for each company, or you can just list down their prices using a notepad.

It would also be great to compare features or services provided by the company so that you can see if there will be some that offer extra services that are not found in others. By comparing prices and features, you can pinpoint which one would be the most suitable for your budget and preference.

Contact Them First

Before you officially hire them to be the ones that will move your items to your new house or any other place, it is important for you to talk to them first about their services so that you will evaluate if they are easy to communicate with in times where you need to contact them for emergencies or concerns.

A man and van service that doesn’t have a good customer service representative will obviously be hard to deal with, as you will never be able to talk to them easily if you are going to ask for specific questions or if you want to change something with the items you are moving. A great man with a van service should have great communication with their customers, so find the one that is easy to talk to, even if you are just inquiring about their pricing.

These are five tips that we hope would help you in hiring the best man with a van service in your area. Finding the best ones near you would be difficult if there are actually many of them, so it would be better if you compare them to each other first by reading reviews or following recommendations before hiring.