Affiliate Programs as a Way of Getting Passive Income

There are different types of affiliate programs. Mainly, people know this term as a way of getting traffic on your site by paying for clicks and purchases. But there are other types of affiliate programs.

For example, many investment platforms have an interesting way of attracting investors and promoting the platform they are raising funds for. For example, EvolveBet and other similar investment platforms. They offer investors an opportunity to gain even more passive income by inviting other people to invest in the project. Find out what is an affiliate program and how to get solid passive income below.

How to Get Passive Income By Becoming an Affiliate Partner?

When it comes to such platforms as EvolveBet and other similar examples, there are several ways of becoming an affiliate partner. For example, these are the most popular passive income investments:

  • inviting other investors;
  • inviting gamblers to the advertised platform.

In the first case, you can become an investor and invite another investor by sharing a referral link. As a result, you get a certain fixed percentage of money earned thanks to all the referrals made by this investor. In some cases, it’s necessary to be an investor to participate in this program, but some platforms don’t require you to become an investor.

Another interesting way of getting income is by sharing referral links to invite players. They get bonuses, and the opportunity to participate in loyalty programs. The person who is sharing these links gets a quite nice percentage of income when these referrals deposit and gamble on the website.

Moreover, in the case of the second type of affiliate program, it can evolve from passive to active income. Any user can participate in this affiliate program without even investing in the project. In fact, these people can earn the first deposit, and invest in the project if they don’t have a disposable sum of money to invest.

Many investment platforms offer special tools that help these people advertise the project. As a result, it can be very profitable. But still, it can be your passive income if you choose to simply share these referral links with your friends or acquaintances.


As you see, there are multiple ways of investing either your money or time, to get a solid passive income. It’s just important to remember to work with professional and reliable teams, one of which is Evolve.Bet.