The Best Wood Blinds of 2021

Blinds are an important part of your home, so you have to choose wisely. If you’re looking for wood blinds, some things you need to keep in mind are their darkening ability, real or faux wood, or if they’re available in any size.

In the modern world, you even need to decide if you want manual or electric blinds that can even be controlled from your phone. To help you make an informed choice, let’s air out the best wood blinds.

Custom Home Collection

Made of real wood, the 2” slats of the Designer Wood Blinds from Custom Home Collection add an air of luxury to any home. These automatic blinds, either by a cord or a battery in the wand, come in almost any color you could want.


The Bali Faux Wood Blinds may as well have been called custom, because they easily have the largest range of options. From a vast array of dimensions and whether your blinds will be on the inside or exterior of your home to what size you want your slats, you’ll have a lot to think about.

Symple Stuff

The Deluxe Cordless Blinds offered by Symple Stuff are a great complement to your home. The faux-wood blinds are cordless, with an adjustable rail at the bottom if you don’t want your entire window darkened.

They have multiple options of size and color, so choose the one that goes best with your home’s “look” and enjoy your privacy today.

Real Simple

The Faux Wood Blinds from Real Simple are 2” slats of simple brilliance. Not only will their built-in insulation help with your electric bill with an adjustable room-darkening effect, but they’re resistant to water and heat.

They’re built to last, too, so they won’t form any cracks or warp anytime soon. That means they’re perfect for any room in your house, so why not give them a try?


This is one case where the best was saved for last, because Levolor Real Wood Blinds are some of the best wood blinds on the market. With a variety of sizes to fit almost any window and numerous aesthetic options, the real wood will look fantastic in your home.

You also have options regarding the valance of your blinds and multiple features such as cordless or Bluetooth motorization, how much light they let in, and specific slats to improve privacy from prying eyes. These are the ultimate blinds made of authentic wood!