5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean

Having a pool in the backyard is always an exciting idea, but it comes with many responsibilities. Skimming, vacuuming, balancing, and cleaning. Keeping your pool clean is not an easy job. Sometimes, it can be a full-time job. If luckily, you have a pool in your place, your maintenance habits can keep it refreshing, sparkling, inviting, and ready for everyday use. Like your many other things having a pool demands equal attention and maintenance.

No doubt, a pool on your patio can be a fun way to keep yourself cool during summer. But maintaining it is a hard job, but here we have gathered the top five tips to help you to keep your pool clean and always inviting.

1. Check Your Pool Chemistry

To keep your pool clean, you have to check pool chemistry on a regular basis. These days it is not at all a hectic job. There are many test kits, and strips are available in the market that can tell us how chemically balanced our pool water is. Check your pool chemistry regularly during the summer. Sometimes, we ignore this step because the water looks crystal clear but still, it is recommended to test the water.

2. Keep the pH Levels Optimal

Keep your pool’s pH level between 7.1 and 7.8 to create a safe and comfortable experience for a swimmer. You’ll need less chlorine in your pool water when the pH level is low. When the pH level rises, it can make chlorine less active. For instance, if the pH level is at 8.0 level, chlorine can be 10% effective or active.

3. Invest in Pool Cover

A pool cover is everything for your pool to keep its water clean and clear. It is great for maximizing safety and retaining heat. When you install pool cover, it slows down the evaporation, reduces chemical consumption, keeps leaves, yard debris, and twigs out. If you haven’t yet installed the pool cover, you need to do it now. If not sure where to buy it, you can buy pool covers online at Remco Australia. A pool cover is a lifesaver, especially in the areas where wildlife is more active.

4. Make Sure Your Pool Filters Work Properly

Pool cleaning is a full-time job. But if your pool filters are not working properly, it can be a more hectic task. When the pool filter does their work properly you do your cleaning job more quickly.

You have to check filters weekly, and if you find any problem, try to fix it as soon as possible. Fix filter problems may little bit hurt your wallet, but in the long run, it’ll go in your favor. It is always compulsory to make sure your pool filters are clean, up to date, and not clogged.

5. Keep Skimmer Basket Empty

Skimming is equally important for your pool when it comes to cleaning. Try to skim before contaminants and debris become heavy, saturated, and float down to the bottom line. Your skimmer should be on the side of the pool, so whenever you are free, you can skim. Skimming is easy, and anyone can do it.