Popular types of fencing

Boundary fencing is a convenient way to set the mark where your property ends and your neighbor’s start. But various types of fencing methods come with various advantages and drawbacks. Some are excellent for small yards and gardens, due to aesthetics, while others are appropriate for fencing larger areas due to low costs. If you own a commercial property and you want all your assets always safe, what you need is reliable Security Fencing


Stone walls are a very popular way of setting the boundary between properties and were very popular throughout history around the world in areas where field stones are abundant. Today they are not very popular for building them from scratch, but in many parts of the world, you can see low walls made out of loose stones covered in ancient moss.

In the past, they were an excellent solution for both marking the boundaries of one’s properties but also dealing with the stones found in soil that is cultivated.


Most often made out of galvanized steel wire for the long life, these are very popular for fencing the areas which do not require some aesthetically pleasing boundary. There are many types of it, and it can be used as a base for shrubbery. Very often the chain link fencing is plasticized for higher visibility and durability. If you need a high-quality steel fence, here we give the link to the most reputable steel fence manufacturers brisbane.


Wood has been used as fencing for centuries. Today there are many styles and forms, from very simple to very elaborate ones. Decorative picket fences are the classical way to fence your yard or garden, especially if they are white picket fences. Consult a professional provider of Timber fencing brisbane to know which type of fence best fits your property. 

Depending on the way that the wood is used in the construction of the fences they can be wave fencing, Jacktop panels, palisade, Venetian panels, and many others. Wood fencing can be erected relatively easily, and many styles have specific aesthetics. But the wood is a natural material that requires a high level of maintenance.


The alternative to wood is of course the fake wood. If you are looking for the classical look of white picket fences, PVC imitation of the wood is an option you should consider. It requires much less maintenance than genuine wood but provides the same look. Besides picket fences, almost all styles of wood fencing you can find made out of PVC.

It offers a much longer lifespan than timber, but it is still susceptible to weather, especially to high fluctuations of the temperature which over time makes it brittle.

The type of fencing you should use for your property depends on several factors, cost, durability, and aesthetic requirements. But whichever you use it will set the clear boundary between your property and the outside.