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Styles of toilets

While a bathroom is a functional space, style and design can also be a concern for homeowners. In addition to the shower and tub, one of the greatest features is usually bath amenities. As a result, the vanity you choose for that space can have a significant impact on the whole environment overall style. There are several styles of bathroom vanities to choose from, therefore, you’ll find the perfect vanity to match your style and decor.


A dresser traditional styles is one of the most common found in the bathrooms. Generally are large and are made ​​of wood. Due to their size, are often the focal point of the bath. The toilet is a solid piece with mirror generally does not contain separate closet. In most cases, is mounted to the floor instead of being mounted to the wall, making it extremely strong. Dresser doors traditional often has carved moldings, or you can find simpler models. The size of a toilet traditional makes it an excellent choice if you want to install double sinks. However, the size generally means that traditional toilets are more expensive than the other options.

If you prefer a modern and sleek, contemporary dresser can be the best is in your bathroom. This style of dressing usually has a chrome or brushed nickel finish and contains no decorative moldings or ornaments. Instead, this type of toilet has clean lines and a minimalist design. The sink is usually a large bowl, known as vessel sink, leaning over the toilet and hangs over the edge. In addition to metal, contemporary vanities are often made of glass or plastic so you have a smooth and shiny style.

At the other end of the spectrum, antique vanities add a touch of old-fashioned charm to your bathroom. As traditional vanities are made from wood but show designs that are inspired by retro bathroom accessories. As a result, they are often very ornate and show many decorative details such as carved moldings or printed patterns. Given the wide variety of styles of antique decor, you can find antique dresser that matches many different periods including the Renaissance, Victorian or Colonial. His appearance as often adorned becomes the center of the bathroom, but can range in size from large to small.

If you’re a fan of the rustic decor, country style dresser can be the ideal choice for your bathroom. This type of toilet often evokes images of a farm bath and creates a warm and welcoming space. They are usually made of wood with a distressed finish and can display templates designs on the doors. A country-style dresser also is unadorned, as a decorative skirt under the counter on a striped pattern or polka dots. It can range in size from small to large, so if you prefer you can accommodate double sinks. Choosing the sink faucets and accessories such amenities is key to achieving true country style.