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How to read the back of a canceled check

Banks offer a variety of services to their customers including checking online and offline access to 24-hour ATMs, credit cards and debit accounting statements online and offline. A primary product and service that many people use are checking accounts. Although many banks provide banking, even in a growing world virtually, consumers continue writing paper checks. Keep your bank balance to accurately sometimes includes knowing when cashed a check. You can also detect a fake ID if you checked the back of checks issued and processed you write to pay the expense, send gifts and make charitable donations.

back of a canceled check


Understand the symbols on the back of your checks processed

Look recipient’s signature or business stamp on top of the check. Confirms that the signer’s name matches the name of the recipient on the front of the check.

Read identifying bank processor. If the check is for deposit, note the stamp “For Deposit Only” above the bank’s processor identification in the second line. Note the identification numbers of the bank the check cashed and processed below the signature on the third line. Check the processor name of the bank under the identification numbers on the fourth line.

Note the date of processing. Look at the fifth line in the back of the canceled check to check the date that the bank processed your check. Examine your bank statement to confirm that the check was cashed against your account on the date noted on the back of the check cashed.

Note the bank’s phone number in the sixth line processor. Below that, look at the city and state location processing bank. Finally, note the symbol and identification number of the bank’s parent company in the eighth line processor. For example, federal savings and loan, you could see FHLB (Federal Home Loan Bank ) followed by identification numbers are scripts.