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How to remodel my living room country style

The interior design country style is associated with a look and style that creates a feeling of warmth and intimacy. The living room often serves as the central room of the house, showing heirlooms, antiques, vintage decorative pieces, treasured works of art and found objects. When it comes time to remodel, this can be a challenge. You have to choose what to keep and what to set aside, and if you want to create a completely different look to the living room.

remodel my living room


Change country style, from French country style Tuscan or American style. Adds details in blue and white for a French country style. Choose walnut furniture and dark wood for a more Tuscan. Use vintage accent pieces as weathervanes, steel drums as coffee tables, newspapers and magazine covers of yesteryear as framed art to achieve American design.

Paint the walls to give the room a “new attitude.” Lean by modern colors that will update the look and feel of the room. Consider the colors that complement with styles of art such as green apple , red cinnabar, or a rich French blue field. Give the room a tropical country with bolder turquoise, fuchsia, lemon yellow or orange.

Cover furniture with white covers to start a total conversion from the field to the contemporary style. Leave covered furniture for a while to get used to change and ease your way into the transition. Take your time to decide on what furniture to keep and which to replace.

Whitens small furniture like coffee tables and side tables to transform them. Place stacks of old books and old toys on the coffee table. Upholster an old wing chair with plaid or striped pattern printed with bright colors to add a touch of color and character. Choose a closet or highboy 21st century and turn it into a storage space for your flat screen TV, DVD and CD.

Explore a new lighting to enhance the atmosphere of the room. Regulators Add intensity to increase the cozy factor at night and to illuminate more to read or chat.

Change the floor of the living room to a new base. Exposes the wood under carpets and covered with rugs in certain areas. Consider painting the floors white for a beach house or country style flooring stained a dark color for a country lodge appearance.

Divide the wall space with moldings chair rails and half-height. Expose or add wood beams in the ceiling. Leave beams natural raw and old world look, or paint them for a contemporary style.

Change the curtains of the windows wooden blinds, shutters or a combination of both. Replaces the windows themselves thermal panels to make the room more energy efficient, you need to be.

Change or redesign the fireplace and its mantel or frame. A brick chimney traditional field can be painted white or covered with stone. Add accents like a big copper pot for storing firewood or a tool kit for vintage fireplace hung on hooks attached to its frame.

Soften the look with pieces like pillows and blankets finished in a color center. Search floral, striped and even moles to add spirit and vigor. This could include France blue striped cushions and white for a sitting area with French country style, mauve and gold for a Tuscan style, or elements of red, white and blue American style.