Country Style Decorating Ideas

Whether you live in a busy city or in the suburbs, there’s just something appealing about country living. In this digital world, sometimes you just crave something old-fashioned, something simple and cheery, something warm, relaxed and inviting. Country style homes are just that, with an effortless mix of informality, tradition, and nostalgia. The country style seems like a crossover with coastal, vintage and rustic, style, but the emphasis on comfort and practicality. It is more decorative than coastal, more robust than vintage, and more cozy than rustic. If you love the country style look, here’s how to adapt that style in your interiors:

1. Choose a muted palette

For a comfy country look, choose all things muted, soft and inviting. Ditch sleek lines, sharp angles, bright shades, and crisp tones, and keep it subdued. For instance, prefer cream instead of pure white. Use subdued tones of greens, blues, and yellows. Add tones of sage, tan and sand.

2. Pick classic furniture pieces but keep it casual

classic furniture pieces

The overall effect of a country style interior is anything but traditional. Forget mid-century modern and go for classic, traditional style pieces. Think about chunky units, poster beds, wingback chairs. Choose a couch that is more squishy and plush than sleek. However, it’s important to strike a balance to prevent the interiors from being formal, since too many traditional elements can give off this vibe. Bring in some pieces made of reclaimed wood, add wicker elements, and install modern light fixtures to keep it casual.

3. Bring in natural details

The country style originated in farmhouses, and farm living is all about growing and harvesting. It’s only natural to bring in some nature, in the form of potted plants and topiaries. Add organic pieces like rustic wood benches, birch-log chairs, and twiggy chandeliers. Having exposed wooden beams can also add that country style charm.

4. Make it cozy

Bedrooms should be all about rest and comfort, and that is true especially for a country-style bedroom. Cover your bed with some stitched quilt and layer it with piles of fluffy pillows. Pick upholstery in breezy cotton fabrics or anything soft and fluffy. The goal is to make it as cozy as possible to make you and your guests feel right at home.

5. Incorporate texture and patterns

Pair your muted colors with lots of texture, in the form of wooden paneling, distressed drawers, and seagrass mats, which adds to the country feel. Checkered and animal motifs are always present in country style, and use it with confidence and in the right amounts. Bring on the florals, in the form of wallpapers, blankets, draperies, China, and in the upholstery covers of your couch or dining chairs.

6. Keep it simple

Though you have to incorporate patterns, a country style home doesn’t need to be packed with florals and checks to work. Sometimes a plain and simple room in a subdued color will work just well. Remember, quiet simplicity is one of the elements of a country style. Limit layering to the point of austerity. Tables shouldn’t feature fancy cloths, so better keep your dining area as simple as possible, while allowing the wooden table to shine. Leave windows bare or cover it with minimal blinds and sheer curtains. Keep wood floors bare as much as possible and use only a few area rugs.

7. Embrace patina

The charm of a country style home comes from the timeworn patina of age. Make sure you add hints at generations of families that who came before you. Be proud of your pieces that have been marked by time and handled by generations. If you don’t have anything that is passed on, buy truly weathered furniture from flea markets and garage sales. You may also create that weathered effect by distressing furniture. Add metal accents witmakeh patinated finish. Create an aged ambiance by adding barn boards, hand-scraped plank flooring, and roughhewn beams on ceilings.

8.  Channel the cabin look

The charm of cabin interiors is perfectly suitable for country-style homes. As you use whites and subdued colors as your main color scheme, add plenty of warm wood such as wood panels on walls, reclaimed wooden tables, and wooden chairs. Place a wood burning stove or a hearth in the kitchen to add warmth. If your home has stone or brickwork on the walls, leave it exposed too, for extra cabin credibility that creates the classic country look.

9. Decorate with antiques

The hallways or the dining area of country style homes is where most antiques are usually displayed. Having an open shelf featuring some antique china pieces and glassware is a classic country style decoration move. Visit flea markets to add something to display on your shelves, such as vintage teacups, teapots, vases, and gravy boats. Find antique farm-house appropriate items like metal-plate signage and antique artwork.

10. Add elements of country life

Accessorize your house with items that would naturally be present in a remote country cottage. When shopping in flea markets, home stores and estate sales, keep an eye out for posters, signs, paintings, and sculptures that depict farm animals in an impactful manner. Advertising signs with faded colors and graphics from farm stands, local businesses or seed companies makes the perfect artwork. Salvaged garden and architectural elements like window shutters, pitchfork tines and weather vanes are great country-style decoration pieces. Then, arrange a bunch of wildflowers or put a bowl of fruit in your table as a casual centerpiece.