Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Corners

Corner kitchen cabinets are one of the trickiest areas in the kitchen to figure out and to optimize space of. They provide a big space, but they aren’t easy to access because the cabinet is deep and the opening is narrow. They hold any cooking or cleaning supplies very well that items get lost in the spaces and become forgotten. For some, it’s where you can find the underappreciated castaway items from years ago. While it can be frustrating to use and maximize, we can’t disregard that they occupy valuable space that can be very useful. All you need is a new kitchen solution to help you make the corner cabinets easy to use, access and organize. Here are some ideas for your kitchen cabinet corners, both for the base and wall cabinets:

Base corner cabinet

1. Lazy Susan

1. Lazy Susan

The lazy Susan is a classic storage solution for corner cabinets. These rotating shelves let you optimize even the farthest depths of your cabinets, as with just a quick spin it brings items from the back to the front for easy reach. Lazy Susans can be shaped as full circles, half-round, pie cuts and kidney, depending on your corner cabinet space and needs.

2. Drawers

Maximize the depth of your corners by installing two, three or four corner cabinets. These provide quick access to anything you will put in it and provides plenty of storage spaces. When all drawers are opened, it gives an accordion-like appearance that can add interest to your cabinetry’s design. It can be pricey because you most likely have it custom-made, but the good thing is you can be able to use all the space.

3. Pull-out shelves

Another efficient way to store your bulky pots and pans is to install pull-out shelves that fit inside the corner space perfectly. Pull-out shelves outperform the lazy Susan because it lessens the amount of bending and reaching needed since you only need to pull out and get what you need. These are considered as kitchen upgrades and costs more than a standard cabinet or drawer.

4. Wire shelving

Mount wire shelving into the inner side of the door to make the most out of the corner cabinet. In the wire shelves, you can store small items like spray bottles with other cleaning materials, or food supplies and groceries.

5. Swing-out corner door

Expose all the contents of your corner cabinets when opened by installing a hinged, swing-out door. When opened, a swing-out door folds away from the corner, giving full access to everything on your corner cabinet.

6. Diagonal cabinets

Diagonal cabinets have angled drawers that gives off a nice visual break and can add dimension to your kitchen. It solves kitchen corner problems with its angular drawers, utilizing every space available. These can either be custom-built or made of prefabricated cabinets.

7. Sink base

While it may not be the best space-saving solution there is, putting the sink in the corner may help with enhancing the design of your kitchen, especially if there’s a view or a window by the corner. Counters under the sink are tricky to maximize anyway because of the piping and plumbing works it houses, so making it a sink base makes one less problematic storage area.

8. Pot rack

Instead of hanging pots and pans in areas that can catch airborne dust and dirt, place them under the corner cabinets. Make your corner cabinet a pot rack and hang them on a mounted hook, while storing lids on the bottom.

Wall corner cabinet

9. Standard cabinet

Sometimes, you don’t have the space to fit a corner cabinet for your kitchen wall. Simply install a full, standard cabinet that occupies the area from your countertop to the ceiling, with two adjacent back sides facing the wall. Depending on your preferences, it can be a traditional cabinet or an open cabinet design. It will not give you any problems with accessibility, but you can miss the extra storage that corner cabinets provide.

10. Open shelves

Open shelving is simple, giving you full access to the whole corner space while cutting costs on materials on the process. Since there wouldn’t be any doors, everything can be easily accessible. This feature works well in a minimalist, modern, contemporary, farmhouse and industrial designs. However, the biggest downside to open shelves is you must always keep it clean and organized to make it look presentable.

11. Easy-reach cabinet

Easy-reach cabinets have double front doors that open like an accordion. These type of mechanism is perfect for corner cabinets, so both sides of the cabinet can be displayed at once. Generally, easy-reach cabinets are more expensive than standard cabinets, but it will sure be worth it because of their ease of use.

12. Appliance garage

The corner of a countertop is the perfect place to store a small appliance, like a toaster, blender or mixer. But for a more aesthetically pleasant or clean-looking countertop, try to install an appliance garage in the corner. Hide your small appliances behind a lift door and simply slide them out when you’re about to use them.