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Ideas wardrobes

The cabinets not only well used space, but also allow you to transform the look of a room by closing the doors. The functionality, elegance and space are all benefits provided by built-in wardrobes. These are ideal for storing various items, from clothes and accessories to computers and televisions. If you are interested in installing one at home, know that there are many ways to use the space, regardless of the size of the room.

Ideas wardrobes


Shelf options
Add shelves and compartments of various sizes to a closet emportado not only give you space for clothes and accessories, but also electronics such as televisions, computers , printers, among others. The smaller shelves in a closet can be an ideal alternative to store shoes, bags and jewelry. The hooks on the door of a closet can be used to hang belts and hats. The shelves not only maximize the space to store objects in the room, but also use all the closet. When you close the door of a closet, the room looks functional and uncluttered.

Colors, patterns and wood
Choose colors that will help you achieve the look you want. For example, if you want to make the room look larger, choose light colors with rich finishes. If you have a spacious bedroom and want to make it look more inviting, combines rich colors with dark colors, like mahogany with walnut. When using dark solid colors like black, vibrant place accessories to make the room appear larger. The plain white can be enhanced with rich colors, like red or dark brown. Make low ceilings look higher with vertical stripes on the walls and the Wardrobe and narrow room seem more spacious with horizontal stripes.
Cabinet sizes
Recessed cabinets vary in size, depending on the preferences of the owner and the amount of space available. They can be as small as a door or as large as a wall. They may have some feet high or extend from floor to ceiling. In smaller rooms, large closet can make the space look crowded and overloaded. Medium or small cabinets are ideal for places with less space. The large closets help that spacious look less empty and more inviting.

Arrange the closet
The handles that accentuate not only the color of the cabinet itself, but the whole room palette combine well. Inside the cabinet, creates more space by using containers for objects, such as scarves and hair accessories. You can add mirrors to doors to create the illusion of space, especially in smaller rooms. Add light to the ceiling inside the cabinet creates a particular atmosphere and better access to items stored there.