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What are the standard sizes for curtains?

The curtains for the home come in a variety of widths and lengths standard. Beyond the curtains, there are many types of window treatments available for styling and function to your interior windows including blinds and Roman shades. Choosing the correct size for your curtains it comes to determining the look you want in your room and the size of your windows.

 standard sizes for curtains



Standard lengths
The curtains come in many standard sizes. Panels hang slightly longer than a window average, 63 inches (160 cm) is suitable. Standard panels of 84 inches (213 cm) will go from the top of the window to the ground in most of the rooms with ceilings 8 feet (2.43 m). With ceilings higher, or to hang the curtains from the ceiling instead of on the top of the window, the 95 inch (241 cm) will work. Those with ceilings of 9 feet (2.74 m) often opt for the longer 108-inch (274 cm).

Standard widths
Most drapes are 54 inches (137 cm) wide, but may vary. For a superior look, choose thicker panels. There are also narrower available, sometimes up to 40 inches (101 cm) wide. To determine the best width for your window, decide whether you will use the curtains to cover the window or if you will use only for show. If you plan to use for privacy, make sure that the panels covering at least the width of your window.

Standard height to hang
Depending on the length of the curtains you’ve purchased, you have many options on how high you hang them. Many people like to hang to the bottom just touch the ground. To emphasize the height of your ceilings , or to make them look taller, hang your panels just below the ceiling . Hang them so that they are near the ceiling can also give attractive and luxurious look.

Width to hang
To trick the eye and make the windows are wider than they really are, show your panels that are wider than the window is. If you plan to close the curtains followed and will use for privacy and functionality, or if you prefer to buy a rod smaller and cheaper, you can hang them closer to each other.