How to Make an Inspiring Gallery Wall

Many people like to keep their homes simple and not overly decorated. However, we also need to be honest that blank walls in houses are quite boring. This is why some choose to hang art, photos, and other items on their walls to add some colors and style to the space. In addition to this, it is also a good idea to create unique galleries throughout the house. This way, you will be able to display your photos, paintings, and other artwork altogether in your main living spaces. 

If you are thinking of creating a gallery wall in your home, try to think outside the box and pick the overlooked spots where you can place it. This may include your entryway, kitchen, or over your nightstand. You can match the colors and themes or maybe mix up the sizes, shapes, and images as you like. Your gallery can reflect your personal style, mood, favorite palette, and theme of your house.

One of the best things about adding a gallery wall to your home is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy artwork. You can simply make high-quality prints and photos using your home printer and display them on your wall. If you want more tips, read on as we’re giving you the best ways on how to make an inspiring gallery wall.

What Should You Include in a Gallery Wall?

a room with a cool gallery wall

When it comes to creating a gallery wall, there are actually no rules. In fact, it is the perfect space where you can show off your favorite things and your mood. It can include art, vintage photo frames, maps, and other items. The most important thing that you need to consider when you begin collecting art for your home is if the pieces make you happy. 

By adding everything from paintings to photographs to accessories, you will be able to bring your interiors to life. Once you begin collecting, it can be quite challenging to stop. You will just find yourself always discovering new places in your home to display your art and photo collections. Keep in mind that art should not be confined to a particular spot on your wall. When you incorporate pieces of artwork and photos into your home, it can make your space feel more homely and happy for you and your whole family. 

With that, here are some of the best tips we can give on how to make an inspiring gallery wall at home:

1. Make sure to plan your layout first.

Before you hang all the photos and artwork that you want on the wall, you first need to plan it out. Imagine how you want your collection to look once it is done. To do this, try to layout your framed photos and art on the floor. This way, you will be able to see your whole collection grouped together. You can move the pieces around until you get your desired layout. 

After that, you can do a trial on the wall by cutting out some craft paper of the same size as each of the frames. This way, you’ll be able to test out different layouts before making any holes on the wall. 

2. Try to experiment with themes.

Hanging groups of pictures with a similar theme are one of the best ideas. For example, you can hang frames that all feature beaches, plants, and other things that you desire. You can also display family photos, scenic prints, and as well as personalized art. You can put an oversized frame in the center and smaller frames around it. If you want something simple, you can go for a minimalist theme with just a few pieces. You can also go wild and cover your whole wall with lots of photos and artwork. 

3. Choose your frames well.

a gallery wall with small frames

You should not be afraid to mix and match light and dark frames for an eclectic feel. It’s actually your choice to use the same kinds or colors of frames or choose different ones. It depends on the style and theme of your home and the gallery wall that you want to achieve. 

4. Mix artwork and paintings to create a unique gallery wall.

If you have a collection of much-loved art and photos, you can group them together in a gallery wall to make an authentic display. This way, your gallery wall will be more meaningful for you and your family members at home.

5. Hang the frames with uniform spacing.

If you are using frames in different sizes, shapes, and colors, you need to hang them with equal spacing. Leave the same amount of space among frames for the gallery to not look messy. About 2 inches is a good starting point. However, leaving too much space, like more than 5 inches, or uneven spaces between frames can make the gallery too chaotic to look at. 

6. Try to add some texture to your gallery wall.

Texture is not just for soft furniture pieces. Your smooth walls at home can look great when added with tactile objects displayed as a gallery wall. You can experiment with woven discs, quirky hats, feather placemats, and more. You can group them over a piece of furniture to make a unique statement.

7. Choose a neutral color scheme for your gallery wall.

If you do not want too much color on your wall, you can make a gallery wall that has a more solid look by picking a clear color scheme. Choose neutral colors that are simple but have different textures and materials thrown in to add interest. This style will work in a smaller space like in a hallway or a landing since it has a limited color scheme that will not overwhelm the space.

8. Take your time in creating a gallery wall.

If you want to achieve an inspiring gallery wall, you need to take your time. Avoid going online and ordering too many pieces for your gallery wall quickly. Keep in mind that a captivating gallery wall needs to look and feel collected. It needs to be an interesting mix of genres and techniques, like landscapes, figures, abstracts, photography, drawings, and paintings. Patience is the key for you to make an inspiring gallery wall.

These are some of the best tips that we can give on how to make an inspiring gallery wall. Just keep in mind that when putting together a gallery wall, try to pick pieces of art, photos, and items that are meaningful to you. This way, every time you look at the wall, you will feel inspired by it. It is one of the best ways to showcase your personality through your home. We hope these tips helped you in coming up with more ideas on how to make an inspiring gallery wall.