Designing Your Kid’s Room Wall

A kid’s room is a space to sleep, as well as an area where kids play, learn, explore, and discover. With this, it is important that kids’ rooms are decorated and designed to give them a stimulating environment. It is a good idea to fill their rooms with elements that will get their attention and keep them inspired. One of the things that you can include when decorating a kid’s room is eye-catching wall art that will add interest to their space.

Wall décor is among the easiest and most affordable ways to introduce an element of fun and cheerfulness to a kid’s room. In addition to quickly designing the room, wall decorations also allow you to change the overall look and feel of the room as the interests of your growing child keep changing. To learn more about this, read on as we’re giving you more information about designing your kid’s room walls.

Different Types of Wall Decorations for a Kid’s Room

If you are thinking of designing the wall of your kid’s room, here are some of the different types of wall decorations that might inspire you.

1. Use murals as wall décor for a kid’s room.

A mural is an artwork painted directly on the wall. The scenery displayed in the mural can add definite interest to a kid in the room. It is a design that can bring children to wonderlands and turn a simple room into an adventure. There are different themes to choose from for wall murals. You can choose a solar system space theme, a princess theme, an underwater theme, and more. This will depend on the interest of your kids. In fact, you can also involve them in doing the murals on the wall. 

2. Add some wall decals to the kid’s room.

Decals are prefabricated stickers that are made to hang on the walls. They are of different images, including trees, butterflies, fairies, and more. They also range in different sizes, like small to extra-large. This is an alternative to murals. Unlike murals that need painting and cleaning, wall decals can be bought and hung on the wall. For example, if your child loves greenery, you can create woodland and plants-themed room by adding decals of trees, flowers, and plants on the wall. 

3. Decorate the wall of the kid’s room with traditional art.

Traditional art includes posters, drawings, photographs, and paintings. These are framed and displayed on the wall. It is one of the most traditional but effective ways to design your kid’s room walls. You can choose to hang meaningful art, such as your kid’s artwork, your family photos, and more.

4. Design your kid’s room wall with photographs.

You can also use a photo as one of the wall covers of the room. Try to go for some fun and unique photoshoots and get those photographs framed and displayed on the wall. These can include family photos, photographs of your child, special events, and more.

Different Themes for a Kid’s Room Wall

If you are wondering how to go about choosing décor that enhances the interiors of your kid’s bedroom, we’re here to help you. Here are some of the different themes and wall décor ideas you can choose from.

  • Glow in the Dark

You can create a kid’s room that is as entertaining at night as it is during the day. You can add some glow-in-the-dark wall décor in your kid’s room. It creates fun designs that look striking in the daytime while they change luminously into glowing patterns at night. Kids will instantly fall in love with this type of decoration. You can choose classic designs like stars, moons, and planets. There are also other options, such as fireflies, butterflies, cartoons, dinosaurs, cats, and more. 

  • Animal and Jungle

a beautiful design for a kid’s room wall

If your child loves animals, then you can allow them to embrace and express their love for them by decorating their room with a jungle-themed or animal-themed wall design. These designs can feature cartoon animals, jungle safari, swinging monkeys, and more. These designs are best suited for young kids. These can help them learn things about the wild wonders in the world. 

  • Floral

Floral wall decoration is an all-time favorite for most parents. Flowers can help fill a delicate but dashing look and feel to your kid’s bedroom. They can also add a splash of colors. Some of the best kinds of flowers to design the wall include sunflowers, cherry blossoms, roses, and vintage flowers. If you want to cover a large part of the wall, you can choose to use floral wallpapers, too. For a dainty and dreamy appeal, pink flowers are the best choice. But a multi-color floral wall décor is also great.

  • Adventure Maps

If you have adventurous kids, then designing their walls with adventure maps is perfect to kind an insatiable wanderlust in them. This type of design will let the minds of your little explorers wander a bit and enable them to be curious about different cultures, countries, people, and geographies in the world.

  • Inspirational Quotes

For older kids, it is great to associate their rooms with quotes from their favorite books and movies. In addition to that, you can also design their walls with inspirational quotes from famous people, world leaders, scientists, or their favorite characters. You can place different quotes in different parts of the room. For example, you can put up quotes like “Never Give Up” on the wall near their study area in the room. This is something that will keep your kids inspired and motivated. 

  • Space

If your kids are into rocket science or astronomy, then a space-themed wall is perfect for their room. These designs work well if the whole room is decorated around the theme. In addition to decorating the walls with planets and spaceships, you can also match these with space-themed loft beds. Dedicating a wall for planets, rockets, and spaceships is great, as this can introduce the theme to your kids in the room. 

  • Superhero

For many kids, inspiration commonly comes from superheroes. This makes superhero-inspired wall décor great for their rooms, too. You can have their walls painted with their favorite superhero, then match it with superhero-inspired accessories and furniture pieces, such as cushions, beddings, lights, and more.

  • Unicorns and Rainbows

Kids are into living in fantasy worlds. This is why unicorns and rainbows are very appealing to kids. When you design these to their bedroom walls, it will help set a happy mood for your child. It will also make their rooms look more vibrant and cuter. It is perfect if you are looking for ways on how to incorporate fun, fantasy, and dreaminess in your kid’s room. 

  • Educational

cute décor for a kid’s room wall

According to research, bright and large visuals are more effective in learning compared to a small book that is filled with letters. Therefore, to help your kids learn more about numbers, colors, and shapes, an educational wall décor in their rooms is perfect. Depending on the age of your child, you can pick from numbers, alphabets, the solar system, periodic table, and more.

These are some of the best ideas that we can share when it comes to designing a kid’s room wall. All of these will surely help you make your kid’s room look brighter and more fun to hang out in.