Designing a Calming Bedroom for the Kids

Do you know the impact a room can have on a kid? How it shapes their identity? Kids require a safe space where the body, mind, and soul can re-calibrate in a healthy manner. They can be themselves without worrying about being judged and influenced. This independence will enhance and develop their sense of responsibility and personality as they mature. 

The kids’ bedroom must be their comfort space or a haven where they can feel at peace with the calming environment and surroundings. It is vital to decorate and style a calming bedroom for the kids where they can enjoy the day and survive the night on their own. 

Following are the several measures that can be taken to provide the kids with a soothing space.


Photo sunlight passing through the white window. 

Fluorescent tubes or spiral bulbs should not be used as lighting drastically affects mood and behavior and may trigger anxiety and depression. For instance, yellow and warm lighting can be just as harmful as the blue-white cold light. 

Instead, a full spectrum light bulb is preferable. Also, switch dimmers should be used to change the intensity of light to transition from day to night.

From an early age, kids are conditioned with light, and they behave accordingly. Bright light means it’s time to play, while dull light stands for the time to rest. It’s essential to differentiate between the two so the kids can split the time equally. 

To encourage a delightful and jolly mood, you need to make sure that they soak in the natural sunlight during the day and soft light to have a soothing effect for them to rest.

Window treatment 

Empty room with blinds shut. 

Window treatment varies according to the preference of individuals. Some people want to let the light in, while some may require the option of a blackout so the kids can easily rest during the day as well. 

Light filter shade can be used that transforms the harshness of sunlight into a soft glow. This will save up the artificial energy as the room brightly fills up. 

Draperies and blinds can be used to cause a blackout. Window tint experts in Mesa, AZ suggests fitting your windows with solar film to help block solar heat while still allowing natural light in.

Acoustics should be considered 

White rug on a wooden floor. 

Insulation is required to block out the voices and noise from outside the room. Wood floors with small rugs and carpets can be used to prevent the sound from bouncing throughout the room. 

Draperies and soft blinds should be preferred over plastic and metallic blinds as they act as a good insulator and muffles the sounds from the outside. 

Color psychology 

Multi-colored pen placed in a cubical form. 

Hues play an integral part in creating a calming and soothing bedroom for the kids. 

Why do you think nurseries are mostly painted in baby blue, soft pink, and pale yellow? It is because kids are sensitive to the impact of colors. Therefore, choosing the right color for children’s bedrooms should not be underestimated. 

A pale yellow color assists in increasing concentration while creating a calming vibe for the kids to absorb in and focus more. 

Light green is an anxiety-reducing color that has a soothing and comforting impact on a child. It is said that this color enhances reading speed and comprehension. 

Baby blue lowers the anxiety level, blood pressure, and heart rate. Kids who throw random tantrums can have a calming impact in a blue room. 

The soft hues not only create a soothing effect but also make the room feel spacious.  

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Kids wrapped around in a cozy blanket. 

Never compromise the cozy element from the children’s bedroom. Kids tend to cuddle a lot, so it would be wise to fill the space with self-soothing, cuddly yet cozy items. 

Body pillows, huge stuffed toys to lounge on, and fluffy blankets to hug are some items you could add to boost the coziness level of the room. Rugs, bedding, and cushions can be of a soft furry texture to give it an even cozier feel. 

Also, a wall can be dedicated to the photo frames of the family so they can feel relaxed and safe in their absence. 

Limit stimulation

People relaxing in a white room with a wooden floor.

A messy and chaotic room can trigger anxiety and can be disruptive to sleep patterns. 

Stimulation can be limited by placing items back in their designated place. Toys, clothes, and other items can be stored in a basket or a cupboard. Under-bed storage units also work wonders when storing the toys on a lower level where kids can access and assemble them back easily.

Tidiness should be encouraged by installing smart storage units in the room that the children can easily access. Doing so will have a healthy and calming impact on a child. 

Furniture arrangement 

A calming white room with kids’ furniture. 

The arrangement varies as the child grows. A room should be filled with the essentials like a bed, storage units, toys, and desk to provide them with the comfort of having everything in one. 

Try organizing the furniture so that there is sufficient area in your child’s room to move about, tightly packed rooms can negatively impact your child.

Wooden desk and chair placed on a white rug. 

 Toddlers require a larger play area and comforting bedding. Whereas when they start growing, they need additional furniture like a desk to study on. 

The placement of these stations and their color scheme will have a drastic effect on kids’ moods. 


Several variations can be made to give your kid’s room a cozy and calming effect. A bunk bed can be covered with curtains to give it a safe den-type feeling. 

Curtains can be attached to the head of the bed from the ceiling to give it a similar effect. It will not only act as a cocoon to snuggle but also provide warmth. 


Bed covered with curtains in a canopy form. 

Canopies or shades are a surefire approach to acquaint comfort with a kid’s room. With the right texture, you can accomplish the ideal harmony among coziness and comfort. Placing linens add extra style to the room. 

Pick sheer or light textures that permit some light in and keep away from a sensation of claustrophobia. Make sure to keep ties out of the span of little youngsters.

Play area 

Bracket placed on a white rug with colorful beads. 

More limited days mean kids invest more energy inside, so make their dwelling place rich with toys. The room must consist of things that promote exercises when they’re not resting, with an entire universe of specialty and imagination prepared to keep them locked in. 

Ensure you measure your space before purchasing tables and seats. Misfit furniture can deteriorate the aura of the room and mess up the final look.


To conclude, it is essential to style a calming bedroom for the kids to groom in. It will not only shape a calming personality but will also prevent from creating agitation and anger. It reduces the anxiety to the minimum and provides an ideal space for the kids to grow in. 

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