7 Simple Tricks to Beautify Your Home Easily

Since we spend so much time at home right now, it’s high time we started treating our sanctuary with the respect and kindness it deserves. So give your home some love and beautify it with these simple tricks. These don’t require a lot of money, just some time (which we all have these days) and a little elbow grease. Here’s what you can do to revive your tired house:

Create good first impressions

Start from the entrance and create great first impressions by repainting your front door. Opt for fun and glossy hues that will make your home stand out. For instance, red is a lucky color in many cultures so you can absorb its energy and welcome it to your home. In other cultures, a red door means “welcome” to travelers and a safe haven for those in need. Orange and yellow are other two good options usually associated with warmth and joy (we need those emotions in this day and age). Just make sure to remove those outdated screen doors and replace them with storm doors with screened panels.

Breathe new life into your fixtures

7 Simple Tricks to Beautify Your Home Easily

Are your dated fixtures bothering you? Buy some spray paint and inexpensive refinishing kits and even your brass chandelier from the 80s can get a new lease on life. There’s not much a quick coat of hammered bronze or satin nickel paint can’t cover. Your old kitchen cabinets can also liven up with a few new coats of paint and some new hardware. Even that Formica countertop you thought was beyond saving can be brought back to life with DIY counter-coating products that resemble stone. Your counters will look fresh and modern in no time!

Do right by your windows

Every window deserves a good treatment, but watch out how you hang your draperies. The secret to this task is to always start at the very tip of your wall (even if your window doesn’t go up that high) and let the curtains touch the floor. Hanging your curtains from the highest point will draw the eye upwards and add the illusion of height in your space for that dramatic effect. To attract even more good attention, don’t go completely neutral with your curtains. Eye-catching shades and interesting patterns surprisingly fit in with many interior styles.

Layer your rugs

Layer your rugs

You probably have an area rug in your home (if not, invest in one ASAP), but if you want to add some extra style to your space, consider layering two or three rugs. But how can you layer like a pro? Well, start by grabbing a neutral rug from Miss Amara that will provide you with a base layer full of warmth and softness. Next, find something with a nice pattern that will attract attention. Maybe a Turkish style distressed rug or a tribal flat weave rug. There are not many rules when layering rugs, and it all depends on your preference. If you love color, go with pattern on pattern, if you love patterns, go tone on tone, if you’re a minimalist, go with textures.

Go with mirrors

If you want to brighten up your space without too much work, place a mirror in the right spot in your room. Every room can benefit from a mirror, but make sure to hang it on walls perpendicular to windows so the light can nicely bounce around the space. Choose a frame that fits your aesthetics and you’ll add a lot of charm and light to your home.

Hang some art

Hang some art

Art is what makes every home unique, and every room deserves at least one piece of art. For that I-hired-a-designer look, go oversized with your wall art or group a few smaller pieces gallery-style. If you choose the latter look, hang items 2 to 4 inches apart for the best effect. Hang your art at eye level—art that’s too small and hangs too high looks absolutely bonkers.

Paint your door trim

If you only have so much energy for redecoration, here’s what to do: grab some bold paint and paint the trim of your doorway. This little trick will create a dynamic entrance and add a splash of color to your home in an interesting and unexpected way. If you have some more time and energy, take paint all the way up to your ceilings to draw the eye up, add interest and height to your space.

Most of these improvements will take one day max, but you will reap the rewards for a long time. So give your home some attention today and watch as you fall in love with your space once again.