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Wash windows: how to clean the windows of your house

If you clean the windows of your home several times a year, you’ll be able to enjoy the view from your house, because the glasses will be free of dust and dirt. Clean the windows is not difficult, provided you have everything you need. With these tips, You’ll leave your wash windows without too much effort. Take advantage of them!

wash windows

Elements for washing windows

1.Rubber gloves.
2. A large bucket.
3. Detergent to clean windows: windows using a product suitable for detergent and other products may leave marks.
4. Sponges.
5. Rags to dry the windows when they are clean.

How to clean windows: I step by step method

1. Hand Get everything you’ll need and pone gloves.
2. Clean the inside of the window as the outside is probably dirtier.
3. F ° towels on the floor next to the window could slip no.
4. In a bucket of warm water, add detergent to clean windows (as indicated in the product instructions). The cleaning solution should be quite frothy. Be Read all directions and first product in a small inconspicuous area.
4. I dipped the sponge in the bucket to make it wet and lather well.
5. Glass sponge moving vertically. Do not forget to scrub the corners.
6. Use a clean, lint-free microfiber to clean up excess water soapy cloth.
7. I did the same on the other side of the window.

Tips and security measures for washing windows

1. To clean windows that are more than one story in height, it is probably best to call a professional.
2. If you decide to clean you, make sure your ladder is secure and penile before getting someone to stay nearby, just in case.
3. If you go to clean hard to reach windows, a tool belt it can be very useful, because you have all products and cleaning supplies by hand.
4. It is always best to clean the windows away from direct sunlight, because the sun causes water to dry faster and can leave marks.