Heat the house without turning on the heating

Perhaps as you read these lines you are away from home, counting the hours to come back and take shelter in the warmth of home cold temperatures, rain or even snow. Now that the cold has arrived, did you know you can fight without using heat? The question is not trivial, since, according to a report by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving ( IDEA) , light the stove or electric brazier accounts for 46% of energy consumption in Spanish households, which translates into a significant expense budget later this month. Let’s talk about how to heat the house.

heat the house

Housing alone does not spread heat, but the appliances that we generate a temperature rise that although cold weather is poor, you can take advantage” said Manuel Barrera Viera, president of the Professional Association of Environmentalists of Andalusia and expert renewable energy, adding: “The key, however, is in solar energy. We must seek out the heat is stored inside for the appearance. If we have no internal heat production will depend on the ability of insulation having the home. ” If you do not have a fireplace or heat (or will not light them), here are some tips to combat the cold.

You only need five minutes to ventilate the house to complete ten if your windows are small. Do not do it in very cold now and find the incidence of the sun. “In the morning, after waking up, is the best option,” says Barrera Viera.

Zoning heat is critical because it keeps cold disperse for housing. The habit of closing doors to rooms in which we are not, generates little heat input in yes we are providing more comfort at home.

Ideally, when the sun falls on the home all voids are closed, but without any hurdle that prevents light from within, such as blinds or curtains. Do not open the windows because the heat gradually, housing has accumulated leave. But when the sun sets, the process is reversed: close the curtains and blinds to prevent heat fruit of infrared radiation (from the sun) vanish. The order process is not linked necessarily morning and evening: You may have a room that morning not receive any light while the evening itself, so that is when you must use solar influence.