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8 perfect flowers for balconies

Today we present eight perfect flowers for balconies perfect for decorating this spring. Fill your home with color and joy has never been easier. Do not miss it!


Dahlias should be in places where it is abundant sunlight and beware of sites windy and protect them from this. Furthermore, we find a wide variety of colors.

Geraniums thought

The thought geraniums need regular watering directly to the substrate without wetting the flowers, and I will pay every two weeks during the growing season to produce a lot of flowers. We will find a wide variety of colors ranging from pure white to deep purple and intense red salmon.

perfect flowers


If you grow them in containers we can enjoy them throughout the peninsula, provided that we locate in a shady place and protected from the sun, on the terrace or balcony.


The petunias need abundant and daily watering during flowering, especially in spring and summer. It is important not to wet when watering flowers and avoid doing during the sunniest hours. At the time of flowering is also necessary to fertilize every 15 days with a fertilizer rich in phosphorus.


The tagete plant is a very striking flower that blooms all summer and gives off a strong odor. They are perfect to avoid pest in tomatoes. A success!

Joys of home

If grown outdoors is preferable Semiramis exposure, avoiding direct midday sun flowers wither. If grown indoors is important that the plant has bright, although avoiding direct sunlight.

Margaritas Cape

Cape daisy is native to parts of Africa which has a climate similar to that of the Iberian peninsula. Besides Florance is a very strong, capable, even enduring the salinity of nearshore land plant.

Aromatic plants

There are many types of herbs and culinary plants, and therefore can make different compositions with them. We, this time, we have given greater prominence to the decorative aspect and for this we used metal cans.