Bathroom Designs

How to install bath lamp

Install bath lamp. In this task we will construct, equip and place a lamp for the bathroom mirror in the sink area. Lighting plays a crucial role in the decoration and personality of a house and the bathroom is one of the areas requiring special treatment. This time we will build a lamp that will place above the mirror to illuminate the sink area. The outer box is melamine chipboard; inside carries two fluorescent tubes are covered with plastic pieces. Fluorescent emit a clear and shadowless light, besides having a very low consumption. One thing to bear in mind. The frame of our lamp will do with a piece of melamine chipboard. Screen To use a sheet of translucent plastic material; also we will need two fluorescent light tubes. As you can see it is a simple job for which you need very few materials.

bath lamp

Step 1
The structure of the lamp is composed of four parts and two plastic agglomerate material. Two channels have to be milled in each of the pieces of agglomerate. To do this, we hold the pieces to the table with jaws so they will not move when working. Prepare the router with a corresponding guide for the cut is straight a groove cutter and adjust the depth of the groove.

Step 2
As the side pieces of chipboard are small and could not work with the router, we slots in a larger piece then cut it to size; a large piece will draw the two small.

Step 3
After cutting all the pieces, which will be combined with tubillones, put them on the table and mark the points where the holes will.

Step 4
With the drill, a drill with a corresponding cap and a guide to glean, we knockouts.

Step 5
With white edging fusible tape, a little wider than the song of the pieces, cover the long edges of the lid, while the sides and batten. We put the plate in position “cotton”, cut the ribbon to the extent the present and apply heat.