Easy and Unique Wall Treatments

Getting a wall painted is an easy job, and it’s the easiest way to transform a wall. But sometimes, paint is not enough. Some walls deserve a little more pizzazz. When it comes to interior decoration, nothing gives a definite “wow” moment like a powerful wall treatment. If you’d like to try something a little bit different than painting or applying a wallpaper, here are some easy wall treatments you can try at home for your own walls:

1. Ombre effect

Rather than going for a plain paint, you can create a beautiful ombre wall instead. Start by painting the wall with a base color, then use a sponge to apply a darker paint color, until you use all your colors. Do this while working in small areas at a time, so your paint doesn’t dry up. While the wall is still wet, brush the gaps with a mixture of your two adjacent colors to blend the colored layers together. Repeat for all layers until you’ve achieved your desired ombre effect.

2. Stenciled walls

2. Stenciled walls

Wall stencils are easy to make. Just buy a stencil pattern or create your own on sturdy pieces of paper. Start by painting the walls with a fresh coat of primer. This will serve as the background color for your stencils. Once the primer is dry, attach your stencils to the wall using painter’s tape. Fill in the patterns with another color of paint. Simply dab the paint in stencil openings and don’t apply too much paint as it may drip, ruining the stencil pattern you want. Keep dabbing paint until all desired areas of the wall are stenciled.

3. Wall stamps

Wall stamping is an ideal DIY trick for people who would like to customize their walls. Before you do the actual stamping, plan out your pattern and color scheme. Create stamp shapes using crafts foam. Keep it simple and repeatable. Then pour out your paints in separate dishes or trays. Cover your roller with paint and evenly roll it onto your stamp. Once your stamp is covered, practice stamping it on a scrap piece of cardboard or paper so you can try it out first and determine how firmly you must stamp the foam into the wall. You may also want to prep the wall with pencil marks beforehand so you would know where exactly to stamp.

The area you plan to over with stamps is up to you. You can stamp all over the wall to mimic the effect of a wallpaper and create a patterned wall. You may also use this technique simply to create borders on your walls.

4. Wall murals or wall painting

Do you want a show-stopper? Go for a fun mural or painting in your own walls. If you’re really into arts, you can transform your plain walls into your masterpiece. Your options for painting the walls with art are endless, and you can choose from any theme or design you want. Common themes are scenes that depict nature, such as sunsets, sky full of stars, beach, mountain ranges or a garden full of blooms.

5. Reclaimed wood

Making use of reclaimed wood is the perfect way to add cabin-chic style to any space. Wood pnels and planks repurposed from older, bigger projects add a unique sense of charm. You can paint them, seal them or hang them as they are. If you’ve got plain wooden panel planks with smooth undersides, you can attach them to the wall with a drill. The exposed nailheads add to the rustic appeal. Painted wood panels add an artistic look. 3D wall panels are also becoming more popular each year, as they can add a unique touch to your room, and there are affordable 3D wall panel designs for either your home or your office area.

6. Shutters, doors or window frames

6. Shutters, doors or window frames

If you’re looking to add something that offers more personality than reclaimed wood, you can opt for old shutters, window frames or doors. These items provide you with a funky way to dress up a statement wall, while adding a touch of farmhouse charm. It’s the best wall treatment to consider if you already own pretty yet used doors, shutters or window frames. But if you don’ have any, start by searching on thrift stores, garage sales, antique shops and more. You can mount the shutters or window frames on the wall to look like there’s a window that isn’t really there, or create a fake doorway. Barn doors especially add a new level of rustic. You can paint these items, strip them, distress them or sand them – the choice for a finish is up to you. What’s important is that you clean them first before mounting them on the wall.

7. Cloths and drapes

Sometimes, something soft and patterned will do. Special cloths and drapes can be used to create vivid wall treatments. Fabric or drapes can be easily purchased and you may simply hang them against the wall as you would with a curtain – except that there is no window in there. If you don’t want to use a curtain rod, you can staple fabric directly to the wall.You can mount them in pieces like a wallpaper for an even pattern or you may also cut them into strips or squares to create a fancy-looking quilt. You may use wall molding or borders and mount them in the area around the fabric if you want to leave some parts of the wall plain.

8. DIY tapestry

Tapestries aren’t just for college kids. This is a chic bohemian décor staple that can help warm up your cold rooms. Also, you can use a simple one that is uniquely made by you. Pick an ordinary canvas drop cloth and draw designs using permanent ink markers. You may sketch a face or any drawing, or you may opt for repeated patterns. This is a minimalistic approach to tapestry, since you’ll only use permanent marker.

9. Washi tape décor

If you have a rented space, most of the wall treatments in this list might not be applicable to you. But you can still spruce up your walls using washi tape. It’s made of Japanese rice paper and is available in a multitude of patterns, shapes and sizes. Also, it’s so easy to remove and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. You may create geometrical patterns or stripes on your wall using washi tape, or simply place some little crosses (+) placed diagonally to create a subtle yet effective pattern on the wall. You may need to work in a clean surface so you must first remove dust and dirt on your wall first before applying washi tape.

10. Mood boards

Keep yourself inspired by sticking pages from magazines or sketchbook, or even photos and postcards on the wall. Hang it up using colorful washi tape to add a pop of color to the wall. This way, you can easily remove and replace the pieces of paper you hanged on the wall once another piece of inspiration suits your fancy.