Growing upside down tomatoes using a self-watering planter

Gardening has its tricks and secrets. For instance, did you know that upside down tomatoes utilize the space in an optimum way?  However, that’s not all. And there are more facts you need to know on plating the tomatoes upside down.

To go ahead with the process, you would need the best planter. You can read the upside-down tomato planter reviews online and then decide to get the one that is affordable and beneficial for you. Several gardeners resort to about 5-gallon buckets. However, when you get this planter, you can add ease to the plantation process. You can grow many plants and herbs using this one simple equipment. Here’s how to go about it.

Growing the tomatoes upside down

To grow the tomatoes upside using a planter, you will require the following ingredients:

  • A small variant of tomato plants
  • Ring hooks
  • An upside-down planter that caters to your requirements
  • Self-watering device
  • Bamboo Stake
  • The tomato fertilizer
  • About 40% peat moss and container gardening soil

Once you have these ingredients, you need to follow the steps discussed below:

1. Choose the apt planter to plant your tomato upside down

The big tomatoes usually grow on big plants and bear heavy fruits. Hence, a small planter is suitable for bush forming, for the plant to develop girth instead of length beneath the planting bag. Also when you select container-friendly cultivars such as Gold Nugget, you can make sure that the fruiting is productive even on the smaller plants.

2. Location is an important factor

You need to review the site for growing the tomatoes upside down. It most probably would mean that the plants would get exposed to 8 to 12 hours of full sun rays on a given day.

3. Make sure that you prepare the soil

You can get this done by blending 40% peat moss as well as 60% of excellent quality organic soil. Alternatively, you can also use a container of gardening blend inside a wheelbarrow using water. Dampening the soil before the planting process is apt. This way it can retain water which is helpful.

4. Take out the plant from a nursery pot

You need to remove your tomato from a nursery pot and safeguard the stopper close to the stem. You need to ensure that you don’t damage this stem at all. Every store-purchased planter has a stopper. You will find either a plastic disk or a foaming ring right at the middle of the stem.

5. Get a firm hold on the planter

It is essential to have a stronger grasp on the holder, as you very gently move the tomato plant upside down, right in the bottom hole from atop. It is essential to ensure that the stem doesn’t get damaged.  Just in case the leaves are slightly mingled, it’s fine. However, if by chance the entire stem gets damaged you need start over the process using a brand new plant.

Once this gets done, you can make use of organic fertilizer to fill-up the soil. Go ahead and hang this planter on strong hooks, at a distance of seven to eight feet above the ground. And this completes your plantation process. And with daily watering you can check the results and the plant as well, that will grow gradually.

Author Bio: Anthony Karen is a Business expert who has been running many agriculture seminars and public discussions. She also manages her blog and reviews the agriculture-related details provided by authentic sources.