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Curtain ideas for bedrooms

The dorm rooms are notoriously boring. They come fully furnished with drawers, desks and beds, but with walls of cement bricks and simple vinyl shutters on the windows. Put fun curtains to your windows is the first step to provide for Color and design to your bedroom. You have the option of buying traditional curtains, and you also have the option to try something a little different. Curtain ideas for bedrooms turn your space into a place where all your friends will want to be.
Curtain ideas for bedrooms


Beaded curtains
Buy them or make them yourself. Buy string and beads of different sizes and shapes. Measures the length of the window to determine the length of your pieces. Tie a knot in the end of the string and cut to the size needed. Slide the accounts in the string, using a combination of large and small beads and tie the other end when you finish. Repeat this process with other pieces of string to a curtain rod.

Sari curtains
The Indian saris are typically made ​​of bright colors and designs, which quickly add Color to your bedroom. Use at least two saris for a window, one for each side of the window. Hang them on the curtain rod and secure them with pins to hold the fabric in place. Search saris with gold or silver thread, which will catch the light that passes through your window.

Classic fabric curtains
Looking for classic tablecloths, sheets or even classical thin quilts or blankets. Place the fabric on a flat surface and fold two inches (5 cm) from the top of the fabric. Sew along the fold to create a space for the bar. Alternatively, use pins instead of sewing it. Repeat with a second piece of fabric, more or less the same size. Pass it by the bar and hang curtains on the window. Use small pieces of velvet ribbon to tie the curtains.

Cloth napkins Curtains
Do your curtains with napkins purchased at thrift stores, garage sales or new napkins purchased at a discount store. Look at the seams of the napkin, are well stitched. Make this part of the back of the curtains. Align them to create a large cloth, large enough for half of your window. Sew them or use pins to hold them together. Fold the top two inches (5 cm) and put pins. Repeat with a second set of napkins and hang on curtain rod.