Decorating a Fireplace

If a room has a fireplace, it automatically draws people’s attention towards. Don’t waste the opportunity to create a great focal point – decorate it nicely – especially if your fireplace is not in use anymore, or when you have installed a faux fireplace just to decorate your place. Transform your fire-less fireplace into a major statement piece that can define your interior decoration. Here are some ideas:

1. Add greenery

A lifeless fireplace comes alive with an indoor garden, so you can create an enchanting array of greenery in your own home to liven up your space. First, you have to make sure that your fireplace gets a decent amount of sunlight. Then, look for small plants you can bring in (Tip: Ferns, mosses and succulents are perfect!). Plant each of them in a bunch of mismatched pots in many shapes and sizes, but keep a same element within the pots (say, a color scheme or a theme) to keep them looking unified. You may also get a stool or repurpose a cut-down tree trunk to serve as a stand for one or two plants. Create a random, organic arrangement through placing them in different levels. Place some pots in the fireplace opening, with others inching out, and a few small pots bordering the opening. You may also put a few little ones on the fireplace mantel, along with your other decorations like candles and wall art.

2. Display art

You can make a unique gallery wall out of your fireplace area. Cover up a blank fireplace with leaning art. If you don’t have enough wall spaces to showcase your pieces, and even when the space above the mantle is filled with art already, you can use the space below to display your large, well-beloved piece. Just make sure that the artwork is big enough so it won’t disappear against the interior. The fireplace structure would serve as its frame.

3. Use mirrors

If you can’t decide what artwork suits best with your décor, try placing a mirror instead. Like a large art, you may lean a big mirror against the wall just below or above the mantel. But to keep the mirror safe in case a vacuum cleaner, a pet or a kid pushes it, you may have to stick it into the fireplace. Get a piece of mirror cut to the exact dimensions of your fireplace opening. Then, place a heavy and sturdy wooden crate inside the fireplace, with the bottom facing out. Then, use a heavy-duty tape to attach the mirror to the bottom of the crate. And there you have it! More than decoration and a source of reflection, this also brings more light to the room and doubles the effect of your colorful rug. You may also hang or lean another mirror above the mantel to make the room look larger.

4. Light candles

Just because your fireplace is not functioning, it doesn’t mean it can’t house fire. Displaying a set of candles inside can add instant warmth and inviting glow to the desired space. Buy candles in different sizes, shapes, and containers for variety. If you want to be extra-careful, you may use flameless LED candles instead. Adding a mirror backing inside the fireplace can make it look like you have more candles.

5. Show off your vase collection

Vases don’t only belong to the mantel or to tabletops. They can be beautifully grouped together in a non-working fireplace which can serve as the perfect spot for displaying them. Choose a two-color palette – better choose from the accent colors of the room – and gather several mismatched vases with those colors. To create an interesting arrangement, choose some tall vases and some short ones. Use a dark-colored stool to elevate one piece.

6. Place a shelf

It’s easy to run out of shelf space for your beloved tomes if you’re a bookworm. Why not transform your unused and non-working fireplace into more storage? Measure your fireplace opening and build a two-level open shelf that will fit in there. Paint the back of the shelving with a bright and bold color that suits your interior, and then insert the shelf inside your fireplace. Now, go ahead and bring your homeless books to grace your fireplace.

7. Paint it white

If you have a brick fireplace that already looks dated and worn out, refreshes it with coats of creamy white paint. It’s simple but creates a boosting effect for the eyes. Saturating it in one neutral color, especially in white, makes your fireplace look classy and elegant.

8. Paint it with a bold color

If white is too basic for you, why not try a bolder color? Since your fireplace serves as a focal point anyway, make it more dramatic by picking an accent color to paint the fireplace with. Colors can bring out the architecture of the fireplace in an otherwise muted room. Try using buttery yellows or pastel turquoise for a casual, cottage look. Or a deep green or burgundy for a bold yet elegant feel.

9. Stack logs

Perhaps your fireplace stopped working because of some issues, and you needed to put it off.  Try creating the classic rustic look by filling your fireplace with logs. Just make sure the tips are smoothly cut. But if gathering logs is too much for you, you can create an illusion of stacked logs, but it’s just pieces of wood slices placed in a board. Get some sliced logs (or chop some yourself), and a wooden board with the size and shape of your fireplace opening. Paint the wooden board with the color of the inner fireplace (it’s usually black), and then use the nail gun to attach the log slices on the back of the board. Now, you have a screen that looks like a stack of logs.

10. Create a home bar

Feature your favorite selection of wines in your fireplace. Yes, you can transform your non-functioning fireplace as a mini bar. Just hang up a vertical wine rack in the inside of the fireplace, then place your tumblers, cocktail shakers and other bar accessories on the mantel.