Elegant Table Decoration Ideas

If you want to impress your guests whenever you invite them over, create your own elegant table decoration, especially if you’re having a special celebration. Show your class and creativity by making a personal touch over your table beside your homemade specialties. Here are some decorating ideas for your table:

1. Floating flower hurricanes

Create a whimsical centerpiece out of candlesticks, hurricane vases, floating candles, and rose petals. It’s cheap, it’s easy but it looks really sophisticated. Glue the rim of the candlesticks to the bottom of the hurricane vase. Then fill the vase with water, rose petals and a floating candle on top. Create a floral arrangement using the rose flowers you have left and make it as a centerpiece.

2. Floral table décor

Fresh flowers brighten up a table in a beautiful and vibrant way. It can also fill the room with colors quickly. Make a lush arrangement of flowers such as roses, dahlias, clematis, andromeda, hellebores, delphinium and plumosa ferns. Place them footed bowl. Then, use more plumosa ferns under each set to tie the floral centerpiece to the whole table.

3. Wrapped branch centerpiece

Achieve that minimalist look with maximum appeal with a wrapped branch centerpiece on a vase. Get some branches from your yard, then wrap them up in seam binding ribbon. Glue some ribbons and faux flowers on parts of the branches. Then, arrange the branches into floral foam and finally put it in a vase.

4. Colorful candles

Want a simple but eye-catching décor? Use candles of different colors. Buy plain, narrow candles of different hues (or you may choose three colors for a more elegant effect, like white and two complementary hues). Then, get some narrow, wooden candlesticks of varying heights and spray paint each of them according to colors of the candles. Match candles and candlesticks with the same hues and lay them out on the center of the table to add a simply pretty and festive ambiance to your dinner party.

5. Tiered bowl fruit and flower arrangement

Create a bold and cheery centerpiece for your next party while making use of natural elements. For this arrangement, the main color is yellow, making it perfect for a yellow motif party. And by the way, this preparation must be done the day before the party. Pick three white bowls of the same style and color, but with different sizes (as in small, medium and large). Prepare the floral foam, cut them into pieces that fit inside each bowl, and make sure that they extend around 2 to 3 inches above the rim of the bowls. Stack the bowls on top of another, keeping them centered, with the largest at the bottom. Attach kumquats and lemons to wooden skewers and insert them into the floral foam. Then, fill the gaps with goldenrod, craspedia billy balls, yellow mimosa flower cluster, sprigs of lavender, and olive leaves. Refrigerate overnight to keep fresh.

6. Geometric candlesticks

Take a modernist approach to candlesticks by stacking geometric shapes such as cylinders, cones, squares, and spheres, with the top shape holding the candle. Once you’ve got your geometric blocks in wood (make sure their sizes are fairly proportional to each other), ask your local hardware store to drill a hole in the wooden blocks that will hold the candle. Then, stack the shapes in your preferred pattern and glue them together. Put the shape with the hole on top. Paint your blocks with your chosen color or color scheme. We recommend painting them with alternate white and copper for a more elegant look.

7. Floral spheres

Spheres of flowers sitting on a pedestal add a pop of color to your table decoration. Plus, they’re lovely and cute. Get some Gerbera daisies or carnations in any color you like and Styrofoam balls or Oasis foam spheres, which will serve as your base for this project. Just take note, you will use one color and one type of flower only for every sphere, so make sure you get enough of one type that will fill at least a whole ball. Cut the stems from the flowers one at a time so only the heads remain. For every flower, you cut, submerge it right away into a flower-preserving solution to seal moisture and prevent wilting. Once you’ve submerged enough flowers, set them aside to dry. Meanwhile, cut a 20-gauge wire into 4-inch pieces, then bend each of them into the shape of a bobby pin. Pass both ends of the wire into the bottom center of the flower head, then into the Styrofoam ball or oasis sphere. Repeat until the whole ball is covered with flowers.