What Is Sandalwood Oil and What Good Does It Do for You?

Essential oils are not really a new thing – our ancestors had used them for centuries – but right now it’s all the rage these days! Lots of people claim that their general health and mood have remarkably improved by using these essential oils. Among the many other essential oils I have … Read more

Loft Style Decoration Tips

Loft interior design style has a splash of urban appeal that is hard not to love. It’s unconventional, unpretentious and stripped-back, allowing the architectural details of the building shine without too many embellishments. The loft interior is popular and this home design is typically adapted in free-layout apartments that have high ceilings. … Read more

Decorating with Travel Souvenirs

When you’re out traveling in a foreign land, it always seems like a nice idea to take some souvenirs home to remind you of your trip. But sometimes, they just end up as clutter. Sometimes you think of scrapbooking them, but you never have the time. As you are reading this, we … Read more

Tips for Decorating a Dorm Room

Living in a shared and rented temporary abode doesn’t mean you have no reason to get creative. Give your dorm room your own personality without worrying about damage to the walls and other areas. You can turn it into a stylish and creative space perfect for relaxing and studying with this decorating … Read more

How to Humidify the House without a Humidifier

During cold winter months, the low humidity becomes an issue in many homes. Indoor air becomes dry and causes a lot of problems like allergies, dry and itchy skin, cracked lips, nosebleeds, static shock and an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Using humidifiers is an easy solution to bring moisture to the air, but … Read more

Different Types of Texturing for Walls

You can change the look of your walls by repainting, putting wallpaper, adding accessories, incorporating textiles and more. But no matter how striking and beautiful your wall accents are, if having a smooth wall isn’t your thing, you might still feel that it lacks something. Adding texture patterns on your walls can … Read more

Different Types of Tablecloths

A lot of people don’t think of tablecloths unless they need one. Most likely, they will be getting some when they will be hosting events, parties and special family dinners. This is because tablecloths are used to dress up their table to fit a certain motif or set the mood for an … Read more

Dorm Headboard Ideas

Ah, the dormitory. It’s your temporary home where you’re forced to live with another student as you seek higher education. It’s your space where your privacy and space is limited. It’s your pad where you get boring bed and furniture that are just like everyone else’s. But living in a dorm doesn’t … Read more

Decorating for Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s day. The holiday for celebrating romance. All of us have seen flowers, chocolates and cuddly stuffed toys given as gifts this season. If you are now living with your special someone, be it a spouse or a boyfriend, why not try a more artistic and intimate gift – something you … Read more

Tips for Reviving an Old Couch

The couch is usually the focal point of a living room. However, after years of use, the couch can become saggy, sunken, stained or out of fashion. These reasons might urge you to buy a brand new replacement. The problem is, new sofas can be very pricey, and sometimes it is out … Read more

Ideas for Repurposing Old Sweaters

Do you have old sweaters in your closet that are either out of fashion, ill-fitting or has unfortunately reached the end of its life? Save some closet space and breathe new life by upcycling them! If you don’t have any old sweaters, try checking out your nearest thrift store or garage sales … Read more

Adding Finishing Touches to any Room

Imagine this scenario: you have renovated and updated the items in your home. You have replaced your flooring, repainted your walls, upgraded your electronics, replaced your upholstery and added new furniture. You might also have installed new radiators, put up new window treatments, and cleaned up the mess. You seem satisfied, admiring … Read more