Best Head Accessories for 2021 summer

The damage caused by the sun’s rays on the hair and also on the face is the ones that attract the most attention when we are on vacation at the beach. We notice how the hair loses life and dries out in addition to the redness that is caused on the face. The use of sunscreen is not enough to protect our face, not even the hair products that contain UV + filter.

Best Head Accessories for 2021 summer

An alternative (and very fashionable) way to protect you from the sun’s rays is beach hats. Essential accessories to prevent damage from solar radiation have already been present summer 2021. See some divine models to bet with us.

A classic look with the Straw Hat

One of the great summer classics! How to think of sunny days on the coast without thinking of a stripped-down look with a beautiful straw hat? The accessory is a favourite of fashion for the hottest times of the year and, therefore, has a wide range of models and options. When choosing yours, pay attention to the spacing of the wefts, as hats with lots of space allow the sun’s rays to penetrate and damage the hair.


The big darling of the moment, the knot tiara, very used by the character of Juliana Paes (Maria da Paz) is a super trend and will continue next year. With details, embroidered, textured or printed fabrics, find the model that captivates your taste and that’s it. Some famous have already joined this fashion.

Bucket hat

After the fever of the visors, it is time for another modern (and controversial) accessory to make fashion ate head on the beach. The hat that is the face of the 90s has again hit the catwalks and is an excellent choice for the season for its bold style. Just bet on a colour or pattern that matches your style and play.

Personalized beach hat

More and more, we are looking for unique looks that have our face, after all, nothing worse than dressing around with something that does not match our personal style. To escape this, bet on a personalized beach hat that brings your initials or designs that make your piece something innovative.

Conches and Conch Accessories

If you have not yet guaranteed your piece with shells or shells, you can arrange it now! They are already a trend and will continue to be in 2021 for sure, especially in the summer. Whether in chocker’s, chains, earrings, bracelets or anklets, straight from the sea, these cuties are found in the accessories of many influencers, such as Thássia Naves. The blogger often displays several different models with their shells.


Visors are the darlings of summer 2021. The accessory has become a must-have for bloggers and fashion. It features different shades of colours to match your bikini or swimsuit model. But it is essential to keep in mind that the visors will only protect your face from solar radiation, so they are perfect for those who enjoy sunbathing. So, use the accessory to dare the look with a lot of attitudes.

2021 Trend Clips

No more hair is falling on your face! If you want a super fashion option, bet on the cleats. This accessory previously forgotten or attributed only to children has conquered the hair of many women. The clips came with a more different rereading, lots of details, stones and even super crisp text for you to rock from head to toe, as did actress Larissa Manoela and other celebs.