Pet Health – CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Cannabidiol oil is not only beneficial to humans. Animals can also enjoy the benefits that it offers. One of these is its ability to address many physical and psychological health complications without leaving harsh side effects.

In fact, in most situations, it leaves no side effects. Little or not, the possibility of having side effects is down to health peculiarities.

In many cases, the side effects can be simply resolved by reducing the dose administered. This is why having this drug in an easy-to-use form is encouraged.

In this article, the use of CBD in the oil form will be discussed with the aim being to ensure that your dogs live the best life, free from all forms of pain.

What Is CBD?

CBD is the common name for cannabidiol, a compound gotten from the cannabis plant. This plant contains over 100 hundred therapeutic ingredients of which CBD is one. The fascinating chemical properties of cannabis have surely made it a plant of great importance.

In the last decade, intensive studies have been geared towards discovering and understanding the benefits of the cannabis plant. The results have influenced the regulations on the use of cannabis-derived products.

One of the greatest discoveries with regards to this plant is the effects of the cannabidiol compound on mammals including dogs and cats.

How Do Cannabidiol Products Work in Dogs and Cats?

As with almost every kind of mammals, cats and dogs have something called the endocannabinoid system. You will usually find this referred to as ESC for short.

This system is responsible for a wide range of physical and psychological health related activities in the body. It helps ensure that the body is in a state of balance. Activities such as sleep, mood, memory retention, digestion, activeness, are all tied to the working of the endocannabinoid system.

When the ideal cannabidiol product is used, it triggers the brain to release more naturally produced cannabinoids through cell receptors to various body parts. As a result, hormonal balance is made possible in many parts of the body.

For instance, this can help deal with the pain associated with arthritis, enabling easier mobility. As stated earlier, cannabidiol products do this without causing severe side effects.

CBD Oil – A Potent Way to Administer Cannabidiol on Cats and Dogs

Although the topic makes mention of “CBD oil”, this is not the only way this drug can be administered on our canine and feline creatures. Other than oil, for both pets, cannabidiol can be used through edibles, powder, and topical. For more on the different forms in which CBD can come, you can visit:

What are the Advantages of Using CBD Oil on Dogs and Cats?

When used in the form of oil, it can be easily administered for greater effect. Normally, the oil has to be applied under the gum of the animal. This way, it has the best chance of achieving the desired result.

Also, with oil, measuring the dose to be administered on your cat and/or dog is very easy. Unlike with the powder form, you can easily figure out how much you should drop into your dog’s mouth. The chances of overdosing or underusing the drug is therefore slim.

Also, with CBD oil, especially with a water-soluble variance, the drug works better. It can easily bypass the stomach, reaching quickly into parts that need its positive effects. This process is what is known as drug bioavailability.

The same cannot be said of topicals. In the form of cream, lotions, shampoo, and others, the concentration of cannabidiol is often low. This is especially when compared to treats and oil.

Is there any Difficulty in Using CBD Oil on Cats and Dogs?

For a given, these products are great at ensuring that our cats and dogs have a better chance of living well. This is more possible in the form of oil. However, some setbacks may be encountered when trying to administer cannabidiol in this manner.

Because the drug is more effective when situated under the gum, getting it into this part of the pet’s body can be difficult. Some people place the drop on their finger, and then apply it into that part of the pet’s body. Frankly, that requires a level of trust and calmness on the part of the dog.

However, if you can figure out the best way to cross this huddle, CBD oil is a great alternative. It allows you to see the benefits of this chemical compound on your pet in quick time.

You should also ensure that you are purchasing the right product when shopping. There are reputable online platforms that offer this service and are all about your convenience. From these sites, you can also learn more about how to effective use this medication.


As canine and feline parents, we want the best for our pets. In this article, we have explained the drug CBD, as well as how it can be beneficial in the oil form.

To ensure that your dog and/or cat is living a healthy and happy life, you should consider using CBD.