Beat Your Addiction Problems By Detoxing

The process of detoxing is an uncomfortable process people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction rarely look forward to since it seems like the hardest part in overcoming addiction.

But this is far from being true. While detoxing can be an uncomfortable process, it mostly lasts for a fixed period of time.  If the possibility of detoxing scares you because of short term discomfort, can you imagine living with the problem of addiction for the rest of your life?

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In this article, we will talk about the types of detox, and why it is advised to detox at medically supervised detox centres.

Types of detox

There are basically two to three types of detox, depending on how you view the classification. The most recommended is Medically supervised detox, and the other two are Clinically managed detox and at-home detox.

Medically supervised detox: this does not involve the use of medication in all situations as the name implies but when the need arises, patients are given medicine to ease the process. This type of detox is done under the watchful eyes of health professionals  at a facility who ensure the patient does not experience medical complications while detoxing.

In this type, the idea of one size-fit-all does not exist because each individual’s addiction problem varies from one person to another.

Clinically managed detox: The strategy employed in this form of detox is short-term and does not involve the use of medications. The level of care in this setting is not the same as that of medically managed detox, you could simply be given a room to detox and you may enjoy professional support and peer encouragement while the process lasts.

At-home detox: While this strategy does not pose too much risk to people who have least addiction problems, it is very dangerous who have severe addiction problems.

It is not usually recommended for anyone to detox without medical supervision, from observation it was discovered that people who have severe alcohol addiction problems can suffer from seizure 6 hours after their last drink and it gets worse as the detoxing goes on until perhaps the 5th day or as the case may require.

Benefits of detoxing in a medical facility

These are reasons why you should detox at a medical detox centre:

  • Round the clock supervision: During the process of detox, it is expected for patients to experience withdrawal symptoms which may vary from seizures, stomach upset, tremor to hallucinations just when they are about to break free from their addiction. Medical monitoring and 24/7 support ensure that any signs are spotted and treated as soon as possible.
  • Timely adjustment: With medically supervised detoxing, you will be managed by a customized treatment plan which can be adjusted depending on your reaction.
  • It is safer for the patient as he is placed under 24/7 monitoring under the watchful eyes of professionals.
  • It increases your chances of having a successful withdrawal from addiction.