School Bus Safety Reorientation for Kids in New York

Although rare, school bus accidents are quite gory and unappealing to the eyes. And many of these arise from negligence to safety rules.

In New York, particularly, where an influx of schools & school buses lie, younger and even older students need to take a refresher course on school bus safety. Psst; check out this leading medical malpractice in Fort Lauderdale.

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School Bus Safety in New York

The New York School Bus Safety reorientation is designed for kids who have never taken a school bus and may not be conscious of the safety measures customized to thwart bus accidents.

Notwithstanding age restrictions, the New York State Education Department for Pupil Transportation affirms that the youngest students are most at risk. School-age kids from 4 to 6 are susceptible to bus fatality. This age range is noted to have been involved in 69% of school bus accidents.

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Factors Leading to Bus Fatalities

  • Motorists approaching a signaling bus without slowing down or halting.
  • A school bus halting abruptly without flashing lights.
  • Carelessness on the part of the kids.

Safety Tips and Regulations for Drivers and Parents

For Parents

  • Arrive with your child at the bus stop early. There, you prompt your child to continue at least 6 feet off the curb upon waiting for the bus.
  • Instruct your child or ward to use the handrails when entering or withdrawing from a school bus to avoid falling.
  • Encourage your child to wait for the bus to halt completely before attempting to board.
  • Intensify the importance of carefulness or calmness around a bus spot.
  • Encourage your child to always take a quick look at the driver when the bus is approaching. This is purposely to avoid the driver’s blind spots.

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For Drivers

  • Drivers should be sensitive enough at the sight of children walking or biking when leaving the driveway.
  • While approaching school zones, take caution. A kid might bike or run out unexpectedly.
  • Stay alert for kids who might be late for the bus. They could run into the road carelessly.
  • Be aware that kids at the bus stop might be playing carelessly, and could make unexpected movements.
  • Obey all school bus rules; slow down or stop when sighting the bus lights.

It is also emphasized that children should be aware of these tips, as it could help them take caution.

Right of Way — Bus Rules

Traffic approaching from these directions must stop when a school bus stops and flashes its red lights:

  • Divided highways
  • Multi-lane highways
  • Double-lane roads


Red flashing lights: indicates that the bus has halted, and school children are either entering or alighting. It charges all incoming drivers to stop until the bus driver or a traffic warden makes a signal to resume motion.

Yellow flashing lights: indicates that the bus is preparing to stop to pick or unload kids. It charges all drivers to slow down.

Legal Penalties for Violators

There are legal consequences for school bus rules violators. For vehicle operators, they are charged with fines ranging from $250-$400 to $750-$1000 depending on the level of convictions.


Reports released by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee claim that about 4.3million New York State children are transported by over 50000 school buses yearly.

This points to the fact that school buses operators and car drivers should take caution; parents should likewise educate their children on school bus safety rules. And if in case you are arrested without any clear violations, make sure to ask help from lawyers for you to avail yourself of a bail bond. If you find this article interesting, we suggest you also read our post about the history of homeschooling.