4 Easy Landscaping Projects That Moms Can Do with the Kids This Summer

The temperate weather of Spring and Summer provide ample opportunities for moms to get out  and engage in fun outdoor activities with the kids. Of course, it also means that your yard can get out of control quickly if it’s not maintained and properly landscaped. Luckily, you can meet your landscaping needs while also spending quality time with the little ones by carrying out the following 4 easy landscaping projects that are perfect for families:

1. Planting Ground Cover Plants

Anyone can mash up some top soil and spread seeds around, yet this simple task will lead to a lush growth of ground cover that your kids will be proud to look at later on. Some of the best ground cover plants to consider include Moss Rose, Lilyturf, Sweet Woodruff, Creeping Thyme, Brass Button, and Spotted Dead Nettle. This is a perfect solution if you’re trying to create a safe and distinct barrier between your yard and wooded areas.

2. Pile Up a Berm

If you’re not a landscaper like VistaScapes, you might be wondering “what on Earth is a berm.” Ironically, it’s just a pile of Earth – dirt, soil, rock, etc. – piled up into a mound for the purpose of adding texture and contour to an otherwise flat and boring terrain. While this is a less commonly used tactic in lawns, (unless you’re going for the mini rolling hills look) it’s a great option for plant-covered areas because you can showcase a variety of plant types within a small space thanks to the cascaded, hillside aesthetic. Most kids will love piling up dirt and it’s a project that you can’t really mess up because you’re essentially just building a mound (although the topic can go much deeper). Still, it’s better to call it a “berm” to teach your kids a new term that many adults don’t even know.

3. Build a Stonewall

Building a stonewall can be a kid-friendly activity as long as you’re supervising and making sure they’re not handling large or heavy stones. This is a great project for teaching your kids the basics of  freestanding stonewall-building and primitive masonry. Plus, it’s a lot like solving a puzzle because you’re challenging them to find an ideal stone for each spot as the wall is built. Of course, it’s best to take the guided approach to reduce the risk of your kids pinching their fingers between rocks, dropping one on their toe, or experiencing any of the other unpleasant mishaps that can happen when children are allowed to play with stones unsupervised.

4. Transplant Small Trees

Transplanting small tress, bushes, and shrubs is another activity that the whole family can participate in because the kids can do the digging and re-planting while the adults do the heavy lifting and carrying. Also, taking a trip to a local nursery to pick out new greenery for your yard is a fun activity that most moms will love enjoying with their kids, as you may even find a few extra crops and cuttings to add to your edible or ornamental garden.

Pick One and Get Started

The great part about all of the above recommended projects is that they’re cheap and can be done in a single weekend. So, there’s really no excuse to procrastinate – get out there with your kids and make your yard look better than ever!