Adding a Homey Touch To Your Apartment

Apartments are also great spaces to live in, especially for students and people who work in cities. However, there are times when they are quite challenging to decorate without getting things too cluttered. They are small homes that also have all the benefits of their larger counterparts with less maintenance and cost. If you will be living in an apartment soon due to work or you’ve enrolled in a new school, there’s nothing worse than coming home to a cold, disconnected environment. 

Many apartment dwellers are looking for ways on how they can make their space feel more inviting and warmer. If you are one of them, no worries, as we’re here to help you. In this post, we are giving you some of the best tips on how you can add a homey touch to your apartment.

Add some rugs around your apartment.

a beautiful living room with a rug

Placing a rug in your apartment is one of the easiest ways to open up the room and make it appear bigger. Rugs can also pull the room area together. Therefore, if your apartment has a dining area that is in the same vicinity as the living room, you can add a rug to separate them. Choosing to add a colorful rug can make the room pop. 

Put some curtains on your windows.

an apartment bedroom with a nice curtain

Windows that only have plastic blinds look a bit boring. To make your apartment homier, try to put up curtains to add a more personal touch. However, before you make any holes for the curtain rod, you need to make sure that the rules in your apartment allow putting holes in the wall. 

Improve your balcony area.

Apartments are usually small. If you have a limited amount of space, it is better to take advantage of your balcony area by adding a bench, table, or plant. This can make your apartment feel homey and more inviting. 

Decorate your walls.

One of the simple ways to change the feel of your apartment and add a homey touch is by putting stuff on your wall. Having plain white walls may feel depressing and sad. Therefore, try to add posters, décor, photos, paintings, or mirrors to your home. These will make your apartment more personal. 

Create more room for seating.

If you want to add a homey touch to your apartment, creating more room for seating in the living room is a good idea. It will make your apartment more comfortable to live in. Keep in mind that a spacious living room is often one with a good amount of seating. 

Add a theme to your bathroom.

Bathrooms are not among the most exciting places for most people, but you can actually use that to your advantage. To make your apartment feel homey, you can think of a theme that will combine all the items in your bathroom. For example, you can choose to have a nautical or beach theme. You can also add themed prints and decorations to your bathroom.

Mix and match different colors in your apartment.

Keep in mind that color is often a friendly thing to work with. If your apartment looks dull and boring, maybe it’s better to look for ways on how you can brighten it up with some colors. Even small objects and accents of color can change the appearance of a room easier, making it homey.

Add a bookshelf to your apartment.

You can also make your apartment feel homey by putting up a bookshelf. It does not matter whether you put books in it or other items, as long as it creates a personal touch and covers up some empty wall space in your apartment. However, ensure that you also make a visual piece for the room. Try to look for ways on how to decorate a bookshelf for more ideas.

Incorporate some scents into your apartment.

You can feel more at home in your apartment by creating a warm, friendly aroma around it through candles, potpourri, and other things that add scents. Plus, these things will surely make your apartment smell good all the time. 

Pay attention to the materials of your decorations.

When you are looking into buying things for your apartment, such as a coffee table, dresser, tables, frames, and more, you also need to think about the materials that they are made of. For example, your apartment can look more inviting by adding wooden decorations instead of metal or steel. Also, you should try mixing together pieces of decorations that have various styles and textures. Ensure that you are making a more interesting and relaxing vibe instead of making your apartment look like a furniture store. 

Make sure to invest in high-quality furniture.

a beautiful bedroom in an apartment

One of the best things about living in an apartment is that you can practice “less is more.” Instead of quantity, the important thing is to make your apartment focus on quality furniture. Try to search for pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose. For example, you can choose to add a pull-out couch for company, and as well as a bed with a storage headboard that can give space for your other things.

Fill the corners of your apartment.

When all of the things in your apartment seem to be in the right spot, but there is still something off, maybe you need to check the corners. You can give your apartment a homey feel by adding corner artwork or shelves. You can also add a lamp or a coat rack for a homier feel.

Alter the lights in your apartment.

Bright lights are only great in the kitchen. To make the rest of your apartment feel homey, changing the lighting is one of the best ways. Try to search for bulbs that offer soft, yellow light like incandescent bulbs. Some of the lights you can use are floor lamps, dimmer lights, LED light strips.

Showcase your collection in your apartment.

If you are collecting specific things that are important to you, you can also display those in your apartment. This can show your personality and remind you of the things you love. However, ensure that those items are cleaned regularly to prevent dust buildup. 

Add some plants to your apartment.

Getting a plant is also among the best ways to add a homey touch to your apartment. Getting creative with your placements depend on the number of plants that you choose to have. In addition to that, plants can also help improve the quality of the air that is there.

Use the hidden storage in your garage.

An apartment with lots of clutter does not promote relaxation. Did you know that your brain constantly processes all the things around you, which can be very stressful? Therefore, adding hidden storage is a must in an apartment. This way, you can keep everything in your apartment organized while adding a homey touch to it, too. 

These are some of the best tips that we can give on how to add a homey touch to your apartment. Even if you live in a smaller apartment, decorating is always the key to making it feel comfortable. We hope these tips helped you in making your apartment a cozy, warm, and inviting place to stay in.