Top 5 Decor Ideas For Your Home This Winter

We all love a reason to redecorate and spruce up our played out house decor – with the winter season approaching fast, what better time than now to employ your creative juices? Seeing that you will be forced to spend most of the time indoors, the said decor should make you feel as cozy and comfortable as possible.

Here are a few tips to get you started;

1. Incorporate a piece that reminds you of outdoors

One of the most useful decor ideas which bring a feeling of nature indoors has to be incorporating garlands. The pop of lush green will not only brighten up your space but also help you miss outside less.

You can either drape the garlands over a mirror, fireplace or opt to wrap it around the stairwell. If you settle on a real plant, ensure you research the amount of maintenance needed beforehand. You wouldn’t want it dying on you!

Otherwise, you can go with tiny house plants that are known to survive in the winter. They tend to require less maintenance and are easy to move during redecorating. Taking into account that not everyone loves green. Some may opt for flowers instead. The problem is, you will have to replace them every other time.

2. Invest in lighting

Winter days tend to be shorter than normal days- and even during the day, the skies are mostly gloomy. One great way to breathe life into your space during such days is to invest in cute lighting equipment.

You can quickly achieve this by buying cute lamps or colorful candle holders. The more character the pieces have, the better. Also, try going for bulbs with warm ones as they tend to set a cozy winter mood. If you lack the finances to replace the bulbs, try covering the overhead ones with colorful lamps. They tend to reduce the harsh glare familiar with artificial lighting hence leaving you with a cozy space.

3. Electric log burner

Unlike ancient structures, most modern homes come with an electric fireplace as opposed to the traditional one. However, with the right decor, you can easily make your modern one just as interesting to look at.

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Try getting a faux antique log holder and place it near your electric one. Depending on the aesthetic you prefer, place real or faux logs on the log holder so as to bring out the extra pop.

If you have a fireplace mantle, feel free to jazz it up with faux winter decors like decorated snow pines or stringed cotton snowballs. Alternatively, you could place catchy artwork, cute plant vases, or lighting equipment, e.g., candle holders with long blue candles.

4. Try layering

Despite most houses having a fitted heating system, you will find yourself chilly most of the time. To combat the cold and still keep it classy, consider layering your furniture. You can either drape cute fur throw blankets on couches and top of with colorful throw blankets. They will come in very handy when the family is cozied up for a film as they also double as decor when no one is using them.

Another option is to invest in comfy rugs with rich tones. Anything from orange, wine red to brown works wonders to bring a cozy winter feeling to a room. Not forgetting the carpet will keep your feet warm.

5. Spruce up your mudroom

Long heavy coats and snow boots characterize winter. Invest in cute antique coat hangers for the mudroom and a catchy shoe rack. To make it look more than a small cloth store, try adding subtle decor touches like artwork and plants. For example, Eucalyptus plants are great for doorway entries.

As for the shoe rack, try something unique like a rustic white pallet or one made of antlers. Suc touches make an otherwise dull place pop.


Many shy away from decorating their homes as they are afraid of the cost. However, this should not be a problem during the winter. You can quickly get by with inexpensive makeshift pieces and watching Diy projects on youtube. So long as you use earthy tones and prioritize textures and layering, you are good to go.