What is considered a good table when you play poker?

It takes numerous things that make you a big winner, average winner, or a loser in poker. Little do we realize that’s it always the small things that differentiate a good player from an average one. The game of poker goes beyond playing your cards and what you are dealt with. There can be several ways to make more money and make the most out of it.

It is surprising to learn that even average players can pay more attention to the little things. In poker, most of the skills involve unreasonable effort, and one can pick up these easily. Yet, not everyone is keen to acquire these skills. Whether it is about being lazy or merely ignorant, but not everyone picks up these vital clues.

What makes table selection is essential for winning?

In poker, the essential aspect outside the cards you have in your hands is the table selection. It takes your poker career to exceptional heights, something that you never imagined, increasing your chances of winning multiple times.

Winning in poker is all about being better than just a few players that are at your table. You win in poker when you beat the players that are worse than you. Finding them is relatively easy; all you need to do is to know what to look for.

Table selection

In online poker, players worldwide get together, giving you the right choice of Triton Poker tables to choose from. Determining the profitable tables is based on the following two:

  1. Statistics of the lobby
  2. Knowing the players

Statistics of the lobby

You get the table stats of the poker rooms, which gives a rough idea of how the table is playing. Now, this may not be exact, but it is better than having no data or information at all. You need to focus on the average pot size and the average number of players per flop.

Average pot size

It gives us the best idea of how much action the players are bringing in to the table. The larger pot size means that the players are putting in more money behind their mistakes during the game. Obviously, you will be making more money when the other players make mistakes. We stand to win more when the players are committing mistakes and throwing around more money.

The average number of players per flop

It will indicate a vital clue. If this figure is high, you can easily assume that the players have low starting hand requirements and are probably not good at playing poker. On the contrary, if the figure is low, we can assume that the players know their game well.

In general, if the players are entering with a broader range of hands, you will have greater chances to make more money from their mistakes.

Knowing the players

It is always good to get your statistics right. There can never be a substitute for knowing the strengths or weaknesses or their skill level in poker. The more you play, the easier it becomes for you to find out who can win the most from you or help you make more money.

Start by building a mental map during the game to figure out who to avoid and the sources of money.

Factors that make a good table

Players to the flop ratio – The tables with the highest seen flop ratio or percentage are the best to make more money in the poker game.

Large pot size- Tables with multiple regular players will have a small average pot size, and a larger size shows that the pots have been the larger ones.

Players stack size-Just avoid short stacks and be careful at the mid-stakes.

Waiting list size- multiple players on a waitlist will indicate that the table is soft. Try to get on the waitlist early; that’s a big help.

Best time of the day to play-Generally, the evenings are going to be the best, and you can continue till midnight. Further, Sundays are the best days for playing both cash games and tournaments.

The poker game is so much about finding the best opportunity; the right table and a bad player is always a good opportunity.