Top 16 Content Marketing Tools of 2021

Marketing is an integral part of the business. Since it’s dynamic, marketing needs continuous learning and innovation. In recent times, content has taken over the marketing space. Once you can define your content and patiently create this content for your potential customers, you are almost set regarding marketing. However, it doesn’t come as easy as it sounds. From creating a content direction to strategy and creation, there are many tools you can use for content marketing. Or you can just outsource yours to iTonic.

1. Trello

Content marketing requires collaborations from time to time. You can’t be the only content creator or strategist on your team if you want success. Trello is a great collaborative tool that helps you to work with many people on a project. 

2. Canva

The way you present your content to your consumers will determine their reaction and response. If your design isn’t good enough, your audience will not engage with your content. This will hinder your reach on all social networks. But if your content is well-designed, there is no way you won’t get engagement. The fun thing about this is, you don’t need to learn graphics design officially before you make amazing graphics. Canva is a fantastic tool for you to make graphics off an already designed template. 

3. SEMRush

Your competitor in marketing may not necessarily be your enemy. You need to market better than they do. To do this effectively, you need to compare figures. SEMrush is the perfect tool for your competitor’s keyword research, ads, amongst others.

4. MailChimp

Email marketing is a great way to win your audience. However, your content has to be of an exceptional standard. MailChimp is a great tool to help you create and send bulk emails to your different audiences. 

5. Hootsuite

Posting content on social media individually can be stressful. Hootsuite is a tool that helps you schedule posts on social media.

6. Grammarly

You are not a machine, and no one is perfect. Content creation always comes with mistakes. Some of these mistakes you may never notice. Grammarly is a tool to help check your grammar.

7. Vimeo

Visual graphics seem to do better than single-image graphics these days. Vimeo Video is an application to help create excellent video content.

8. WordPress 

Most websites that you see were built on WordPress. It’s an excellent hosting tool that helps with SEO and content. 

9. Hubspot

Hubspot may be relatively old, but it has unique tools. It is probably the most versatile content marketing tool. It works for blogs, social media, among many other tools.

10. Buzzsumo

Sometimes, you need a little push on someone else’s influence in marketing. This app helps you find the right influencers to use.

11. Evernote

With Evernote, you stay organized with all your content. So if you need to prepare future content and even collaborate, Evernote is impressive.

12. Ahref

Sometimes, you may be out of ideas and need a little help. Ahref is a tool that helps you with content ideas. 

13. Tweriod

For the highest engagement on social media, you have to post at the optimal times. Tweriod is a tool to help you know the correct times to tweet.

14. PerryMarshall

Your content needs to be easy to read at all times. Perry Marshall has a tool to help check readability.


As the name implies, this tool helps count the words. However, there are some other functions like the density of keywords and reading time. 


For a good content creator, copying is allowed, but plagiarism isn’t. 1text is a tool to help to check plagiarism.