How To Choose The Right Cat Litter

Well, talking about cats, good hygiene is one of the main components to highlight in such discussion. They are notable for their quick cleaning, after making any mess.

You might not need to take away litters from issues concerning the hygiene of cats. It is usually a thorough job maintaining a cat’s excretion with litters. 

However, the main issue here is not the process of making cat litters, but how to choose the right litter for your cat.

Follow me…


As earlier mentioned, some cat litters are usually composed of clay. However, not all litters are clay-made, some are naturally made from corn or wheat; some are made from silica-crystal, and even recycled papers and walnut shells.

All these have different features, but it depends on your choice of the litter. These features will help you to choose the most suitable one for your cat.

With this, you should check out for one that fits well with:


It is understandable when a cat poops or excretes, and the subsequent stench pierces the atmosphere. It chokes. A naturally-made litter works best because it is gently scented. Well, naturally, cats don’t like heavily perfumed litters. It could be a bad idea to battle stenches with heavy perfume scents. They would reject it. Paper litters also fit well into this category; they don’t entertain many scents. By the way, check these Best Pet Water Fountains For Cats and Dogs – Best Prices.


This is a highlighted characteristic of a clay litter. But you have to be wary of litters that produce quite a lot of dust. It irritates cats, and sometimes humans who tend to clean the litter. With this, you might have to consider natural and crystal litters, they produce little or no dust. In addition, these litters are usually lightweight. They work best in areas that are usually confined; where dust and stench could pose problems for cat owners and even the cats themselves.


Obviously, your job as a cat owner is to ensure quick disposal and flushing of your cat’s waste. It could be hazardous to your health if kept for too long. Apart from the implications involved, you would have to deal with annoying odors that arise from keeping your cat’s waste for a long time. It isn’t always easy, but you have to take your cat’s waste disposal into consideration before purchasing just any cat litter.

In biodegrading, consider natural litters and also paper litters mainly because they are made from materials that can easily be decomposed. They would help in breaking down the waste into the earth. Clay litters cannot because they are not naturally compostable or biodegradable.


Well, yes, litters are not free. You have to purchase them. At this point, you might need to depend on a budget; however, taking into consideration your choice for a sustainable litter. Definitely, a crystal litter would be more expensive than a natural or clay one. 

If you would be a bit economical, you might need to consider purchasing a natural litter.