Tips and Tricks on How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

In this day and age, when somebody says “wallpaper”, your mind immediately goes to the background of your phone. On the other hand, if you flip through any interior design magazine, you will notice the return of a ‘70s hit – yes, wallpaper. Forget all about moving your furniture or putting a plastic cover over it – make your life easier and choose a wallpaper that will give your room the final touch it needs. But first, you need a learning guide on how to choose the exactly right wallpaper, so keep on reading.

Every room is different

The vibe in every room is different, so naturally, the wallpaper needs to be adjusted to the energy flow in the room. If you ordered custom-made furniture from bamboo wood and did everything you could to make your space bright and airy, dark and overwhelming wallpaper has no place in your living room. That’s also a common area, so you need to choose a pattern that’s easy on the eye and sets the mood just right. On the other hand, the kitchen is the place where you can play with both patterns and colors, so feel free to explore new trends. In the very end, your bedroom should be a place you feel at peace, your sanctuary. That’s why the wallpaper in your bedroom should have soothing colors – pale blues, baby pinks, and light greens. If you are a floral type, then that is your path – the choices are amazing.

Get to know the market

Yes, there are different wallpaper styles – rustic, formal, Victorian, retro, tropical, and the list goes on and on. There are also various wallpaper patterns – geometrical, floral, abstract… But the most important thing is to know what types of wallpaper exist. For example, the most important one is the removable one. There is an extensive range of removable wallpaper that can transform your ordinary room into a glamorous cover-worthy room in no time. If you are into DIY projects, this is perfect for you and it’s only a day’s work. Measure your walls, order it, and just peel back the backing sheet about 10cm from the top and start lining it up. No fuss, no muss, and voila – your wall is ready.

path – the choices are amazing.

Size matters

Wallpapers are a perfect tool for an optical illusion. For example, pattern size can help make your room look smaller or bigger. Heavy and large patterns can “eat up” your room. It’s also important to learn how to play with lights – when you use marble or metallic patterns, they reflect the sun and open up the room. Also, when you are dealing with a small room, light colors are imperative, and maybe even textured wallpaper because it gives a room the depth that it needs. If you are into high ceilings but did not have the luck to live in an apartment that has them, stripe wallpaper will surely help. So, the conclusion is: size is in the eye of the beholder.

Avoid the common mistakes

Don’t rush when you are redecorating. At the end of the day, the truth is that we find time to redecorate once every decade, so take your time when you transform your house into a home you will enjoy for many years. When it comes to wallpapers, you don’t need to apply them to every wall. Think about applying it only on an accent wall or using them to break up wall space. When you decide on a wallpaper that accents walls, try to avoid common mistakes. Wall behind the bed – always a great idea. Try to avoid walls that have windows or built-in furniture, because it loses the “wow” factor. Feel free to go dramatic when it comes to accent wallpaper. Sunset? Sure! Tropical jungle pattern? Why not! Wallpapers are perfect for getting your creative juices flowing and you get a lot more freedom than with the simple act of painting walls. Now that you know exactly how to use them to your advantage, even the sky is not your limit – why wouldn’t you go for a cosmic-themed wallpaper?