Cost-effective Cleaning Tips for for Quick House Clean

Cleaning the house is a never-ending task, and it can seem like an uphill battle at times. Sometimes you just don’t have time for all of that scrubbing and sweeping – but we’re here to help!

If you’re up to neck in cleaning chores, and find yourself spending a bit more than you should, it’s time to take a look at these cost-effective cleaning tips. We’re here to help you get your house clean and tidy – without breaking the bank!

Start Using Microfiber Cloths

Micro fibre clothes are great for dusting and polishing. They’re extremely efficient at picking up dirt, dust, grime etc. extremely well – which is why they work so well at cleaning the house! If you don’t have microfibre cloths already, then it’s definitely time that you invest in some. You can buy them relatively cheaply online or from any good home accessories store.

It’s ultimately a cost-effective option because of its longevity compared to normal rags and cleaning cloths, saving you buying new cloths every week. They’re environmentally friendly too, so if you’re looking to clean your house in an eco-friendly way, microfibre cloths are the best choice.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Ok, this isn’t probably one of the suggestions you weren’t expecting but hear me out. Hiring a professional cleaning service can be more cost-effective than you might think.

But how? Well, for one thing, they will come in and clean your house from top to bottom – which is certainly beyond the scope of most home cleaners! Plus, reputable and experienced professionals, like Sidepost for example, know exactly what products and solutions work best on different surfaces without causing damage.

However, the biggest earner may come from what you do with the extra time otherwise spent on cleaning. Some people use that time to work extra hours, which means more money coming in. Others use it to grow their business by finding new clients or expanding their knowledge of their industry.

Use Household Ingredients

Most people have cleaning ingredients in their kitchen cabinets and don’t even realize it. White vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are all ingredients you probably already have in your home.

White Vinegar

If you have an accumulation of grease on your countertops, soak a sponge with vinegar and wipe it down. White vinegar is acidic and works to cut through grease in quick fashion, however, be sure to only apply it on non porous surfaces like sealed countertops, metal and glass. If you can’t handle the smell, try adding some water for dilution.

Baking Soda

For couches that have stains, try using baking soda. Simply sprinkle some of the powder onto the stains of your couch and let it sit there for a while. The baking soda works to lift the stains by absorbing from your couch. Once you’ve left it there for a while, simply vacuum up all of the baking soda – along with those pesky stains!


Lemons work wonders in the kitchen, and we don’t just mean to enhance the taste of food. This fruit can be used to clean microwaves, cutting boards and kitchen surfaces like countertops like vinegar, lemons are acidic.

Do One Cleaning Chore at a Time Instead of Multitasking

When you’re cleaning the house, try to focus on one chore at a time. Many people choose to do several chores simultaneously – but this is actually counter-productive!

If you have many rooms that need attention, start in one room and finish it before moving onto another. When you multitask during your cleaning routine, not only are you not cleaning as thoroughly, but you’re also more likely to make mistakes.

Infact, you could even take it a step further and concentrate on one task for the entire house. For example, if your floors generally need cleaning, devote a session just to vacuuming and mopping. By devoting to one task at a time, you’ll be able to clean more thoroughly in record time – so you can enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

Declutter Your Home First then Clean

How many times have you thought you’ve done a thorough clean only to find you’ve missed several sports because of clutter in the way?

When you’re cleaning the home, it’s important to remove any clutter from flat surfaces such as tables and sideboards. This will give you a clear view of what’s underneath, which could be mould and mildew.

Decluttering is actually one of the best things that you can do when getting ready for company or having guests come over for the weekend. It’s a quick way of adding space and making your home look bigger and cleaner.

It’s also a great way of getting rid of unwanted or unneeded items that you’ve accumulated over the years, which you can donate to charity or sell online. This will not only declutter your home, but you’ll have more cash to splurge on new things – like some of those nifty microfibre cloths!

As you can see, doing a quick clean doesn’t require too much effort and time – it’s all about adopting the right habits that make cleaning fast and effective.