Types of Sofas

Sofas comprise one of the major furniture pieces in a living room, and also of the whole house. Whether you’re looking for the right type of couch for your house, or you’re starting out as a designer, or you’re simply interested in improving your design vocabulary, this article will help you learn more about the different types of sofas. Here are the types of sofas that you’d still find in a lot of homes today.

1. Chesterfield

Out of the types of sofas, a Chesterfield sofa is the easiest to spot. It’s defined by its use of leather (usually brown), rolled arms, and deep button tufting on the back and arms (or even on the seating section as well). The back of the chair is of the same height as the arms. It’s the sort of sofa piece you would expect in a classy library, a man cave, or an industrial-style home. It has become the symbol of noble sophistication, as it dates back to the 18th century. The couch design was named after the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, as he desired a piece of furniture on which a man can sit upright comfortably without wrinkling his garment.

2. Cabriole

A cabriole sofa can be identified by its exposed wooden frame (curved legs that are usually carved) and with slightly lower arms than the back. The cabriole legs have upper portion curving outward and the lower portion curving inward with a gentle S-shape. This type of leg is associated with the Louis XV, Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture, symbolizing the prevailing 18th-century styles.

3. English Rolled Arm

The English rolled arm is probably the coziest sofa type you will come across. Also known as the English sofa, this type of sofa is known for its tight back, soft and big cushions, recessed arms and low-turned legs. But still, the rounder arms define the style of this sofa. It has loose cushions at the bottom for extra comfort, but the back of the seat is typically tight. It easily adds a touch of comfort and warmth to any interior.

4. Lawson

Unlike the English roll arm sofa, the back cushions of a Lawson couch are also loose, meaning you can move the large pillows around for ultimate comfort. The arms also don’t necessarily need to be rounded. It’s a perfect comfy sofa of choice for contemporary, minimalist and modern spaces. The Lawson-style sofa is a relatively new design, as the first one was created for Thomas W. Lawson, an American businessman and author.

5. Tuxedo

Like a Chesterfield couch, the arms and back of a tuxedo sofa are of the same height. But a tuxedo is more geometric and clean-lined and is often upholstered with fabric. Originally, the couch came with a single row of tufts and exposed cabriole legs, but modern designs can feature short and streamlined legs. The straight-forward design inspires simple elegance and glamor to any space. Pillows can be added for extra comfort.

6. Camelback

As suggested by its name itself, a camelback sofa has an arched back with high points in the middle and slightly on the ends, just like a camel’s back. A camelback sofa typically has one or two humps, bringing a traditional and elegant style to any house. This type of couch is also recognized for its exposed legs and sometimes, exposed wood on the top of the back and arms. Though it’s a classic style, you can find bringing in camelback sofas with contemporary designs for your modern home.

7 Mid-century modern

A midcentury modern sofa is characterized by clean lines, rectangular shape, tufted back and solid wood legs. You can recognize it by its retro appearance, geometry and organic shapes. Mid-century modern sofas have been ubiquitous from the 1940s to ’70s, but it isn’t out of fashion yet. It has made a comeback in contemporary homes, and even in your local coffee shops.

8. Sectional

8. Sectional

The modernistic movement brought the sectional sofa to existence. The sectional sofa is a multi-piece sofa that is all about practicality when it comes to shape and available space. Most sectional sofas have three and five pieces that can be arranged in different numbers of configurations, to fit any size of a living room. The two common configurations of a sectional sofa are L-shape and U-shape.