Unique Ways to Hang Curtains

If you are tired of the usual look of a curtain rod, you can get creative and make use of alternative materials to hang your curtains or drapes. Add a unique and personal touch with these common, inexpensive items:

1. Hooks

Hooks can be mounted in a row above your window, either directly attached to the wall or on a backing board. Buy or repurpose coat hooks, hat hooks, or multiple hook sets for towels, and other heavy-duty adhesive hooks. For a more decorative look, pick novelty hooks that come in fun styles like elephants with trunks as a hook, or those fruits and flowers hook you usually find in kitchens for hanging pot holders and hand towels. Simply loop curtains fitted with grommets, buttonholes, tab-tops or tie-tops on the hooks.

However, this works best for decorative curtains only, such as on windows with a shade beneath, since you cannot simply slide the curtains sideward when it is looped on hooks. Attach silk flowers or bows on the hooks after hanging the curtains for a nice finishing touch.

Brass or glass knobs2. Brass or glass knobs

Repurposed door knobs are often used by DIYers as curtain tie backs. But you can use it for hanging the curtains, too! Look for old doorknobs at flea markets, antique shops or thrift stores (don’t worry if you can’t find same designs) and attach them to a wooden base that is sanded, painted or stained and sealed. Attach them above your window and then tie the curtains with fabric ties to the knobs.

Like hooks, this works best as a decorative detail for your windows and walls. If your room has a neat design style, better use knobs that are simple. If your room has an eclectic style, you can use obviously mismatched knobs with patterns and colors. If you want a smaller knob, you can use drawer pulls from old and broken furniture.

3. Wire

If curtain rod seems too thick for your curtains (or for your taste) use wires like tension wires. These work the same way as curtain rods, and it’s perfect for hanging lightweight curtains. It creates a minimalist and modern look to the window when used as it is. Curtains can slide along the wire to open and close the curtains.

If you want a quirky twist on using wires, use a plastic-coated clothesline wire to serve as a rod for your curtains and clasp some brightly-colored clothespins.

4. Tree branch

Instead of using a typical curtain rod, you can replace it with a tree branch of the proper length and width. Choose one that is sturdy enough to support the weight of your curtains. You may want to find a smooth branch, remove its twigs and sand down the nodes. You may either paint it with any color you want or apply a coat of varnish to show off its wood-ness. Now you have created a functional and natural work of art.

Since a branch is not as straight as a rod, it’s best to use tab-top and tie-top curtains to adjust for the curves and width of the branch. This looks perfect in a rustic or bohemian-styled interior.

5. Sports sticks

If you have a child who loves sports, you may use one or two baseball bats, a hockey stick or golf club as curtain rods. Just place them over your rod hooks to keep them in place. Tie-top and tab-top curtains also work best for this kind of rod. Showcasing sports items and repurposing them in a functional way brings a stylishly sporty twist to a room.

6. Sisal rope

Add a nautical touch to your windows by using thick sisal rope as curtain hanger and boat cleats. This works just like the wire, but only thicker.

Measure and cut out the rope according to the length of the window, and a bit more length to reach the curtain tie back. Attach eye hooks on each side of the windows and shoot the rope (with the curtains hanged in them) on the eyes of the hook and tie a huge fat knot. Then on the other side, attach a boat cleat, and wrap the remaining rope around it. You may want to spray paint the eyehooks and boat cleat with copper or bronze to prevent it from being industrial-looking.