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The 4 most common mistakes when doing laundry

Do you wash your clothes off like?, you find any detergent to hang the laundry ?, too many wrinkles? It may happen that the cast is not as perfect as you wished and that this is due to small mistakes we can make when it comes to wash our clothes. To prevent this from happening, we will see what are the four most common to wash and how to fix mistakes.

common mistakes

1. Using too much soap

If when you take the clothes from the washer appear soap scum can you’re using too much detergent. For the clothes are cleaner must use the appropriate amount and for this it is best to make things easier for the package instructions. Note the capacity of your washing machine, the amount of laundry, the type of water in our area and, of course, dirt. If you do not measure the right detergent washing performance will be lower if you add little and will damage the clothes if you use too.

2. Enter overdressed

For clothes can wash you must have space, so try not to overloading. If you introduce too many clothes detergent and water will not reach all items alike and will make these look bad washed and rinsed. Sometimes worth putting two washers short cycle if the clothes are not dirty before a complete cycle with washer overflowing. In addition, it will cost less hang, have fewer wrinkles and less burdensome will save later. Do not carry more work!

3. Do not use the appropriate program

A different garments and stains, various washing programs. Why wash cotton in a program for synthetics? Most often tend to always use the same wash cycle, however, it is not always adequate. Look at the composition of garments, washing instructions and split charges depending on the characteristics of the garments. Then select the most appropriate for each wash program and always remember that not all are equal Colas.

4. Do not clean the machine properly

Proper maintenance of the washer is essential for the casting is perfect. Remember to clean the filters regularly and the pack of detergent and rubber door. Prevents mold and moisture in the washing machine so that is not transferred to the garments. Now we have found the four most common to wash and safe solution found our stay perfect casting errors. Still, here are other tips for washing small ten .

– When the clothes have many stains use a wash enhancer and apply a stain remover directly on the garment.
– A towel prevent discoloration on your clothes in the washing machine
– A cup of vinegar in the last rinse is a perfect substitute for detergent.